Be my guest

Deck out your guest bedroom with all the essentials and added luxuries your temporary housemate could ever dream of.

CO:HOME Winnie throw, $69. The nights are getting colder, so place another layer at the end of the bed which is easy to grab at 2am.

Willow light table lamp, $69.95. A simple night light is a must-have for some nighttime reading.

Hydrating Starter Kit, $27. Complete with shampoo, conditioner, hand & body wash, moisturiser and more, your guest will feel like they’ve stepped into a hotel room.

MoMA notepad clock $39. Pop a small clock by the bed so if their phone battery dies during the night they’ll still know the time.

Drake three-seater sofa bed, $749. A sofa bed is a smart option so the guest bedroom can double as a lounge area.

Sheridan quick dry luxury robe, $155. If you’re having a lazy start to the day, why not provide a plush bathrobe for them to slip on?

Wheatbags Love eye mask, $21. Another useful item to have bedside, especially if the room is prone to bright morning sun.

Wooden tooth stool, $385. A simple, stylish spot to place the bedside essentials.

Cooper bath towel, $36 each. A couple of clean soft towels in the guest bedroom are always appreciated.

Amour monogram pyjamas, $150. Imagine your guest’s delight if they arrived to their own pyjamas. Especially thoughtful if you have a regular guest, so they don't need to pack their own.

Ladies scuff slippers, $35.95. Scuffs - backless slippers - are a sensible option so (most) guests can slide their feet into them with relative ease.

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster mouthwash tabs, $11.95. A shot of lemon oil to refresh the palate, the world's first solid mouthwash tabs were launched last week.

OTTO Palms notebook.$14.95. A notebook or writing paper may seem terribly old fashioned, but it’s amazing how handy it can be.

The Offering mirror, $795. Every guest bedroom should include a mirror, and if you’re short on space, a version with a removable shelf is very convenient.

King size 100 per cent organic bamboo quilt cover, $209.95 (includes 1 quilt cover and 2 pillowslips). Opt for manchester that’s simple and unisex in its colour or design.

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