Stars and their cars: Ellyse Perry

Sports car: Australian football and cricket player Ellyse Perry with her Toyota at West Pymble.
Sports car: Australian football and cricket player Ellyse Perry with her Toyota at West Pymble.

The lowdown The first woman to represent Australia in World Cups in two sports, Ellyse Perry made her debut for both the national cricket and football teams at age 16.

Career highlights Playing her first cricket international in July 2007; earning her first international football cap a month later; becoming the youngest Australian to play senior international cricket; being ranked by SportsPro magazine as the 36th most marketable sportsperson in the world in 2013.

20,000 - The number of kilometres on my current Corolla.

2 - The number of cars I've had.

What was your first car?

It was the last car I had, which was a Toyota Corolla. I was very fortunate to have it given to me by Toyota Fleet Management, who approached me a few years ago. Up until then, mum and dad copped the brunt of me borrowing their cars all the time. They were pretty pleased when I got my own.

What do Toyota have you in currently?

The latest Corolla. It runs really well and it's nice to have a few little extras, especially the sat nav, which I always find really handy when I'm trying to find different training venues, parks or grounds in all parts of Sydney and interstate. It's also quite spacious and I carry a lot of my sports gear in the boot, pretty much full-time. I've got an array of stuff in there I never take out.

How did you find learning to drive?

It was very exciting and fortunately mum and dad taught me well, as did my older brother. I remember spending a lot of hours initially just in car parks around our local area, figuring out all the different ways to handle a car. I'm sure there were a few hairy moments but for the most part it was pretty smooth.

What's your pet road peeve?

The density of Sydney's population means there's quite a lot of traffic around, and that's always my biggest bugbear. I spend a lot of my time heading to the Sydney Cricket Ground and surrounding areas for training, and if you're heading through the Harbour Tunnel and an incident happens and you've picked the wrong moment to be there, the delays can be very extensive. We've also had a recent history of trucks getting stuck in there, and that really creates a backlog.

Any favourite drives?

I think everyone picks the Great Ocean Road, which is a really gorgeous drive. I also drive quite often down to Canberra. It's quite easy and you always notice something different each time you do it. I can do it door-to-door in about three hours.

If you could go on a long road trip with absolutely anyone, who would it be?

Someone I really admire is Roger Federer, so if there was an opportunity to drive in a car with him for an extended time and chew his ear off, that would be fantastic. It would be great to talk about his career and his experiences and the way he goes about things. Some tennis tips would be good as well - my serve is terrible.

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