Man burnt in Muja blast

ONE man was taken to hospital with minor burns to his legs after an explosion at Muja Power station early this afternoon.

A Verve Energy spokesman said steam escaped when a pipe burst in one of the refurbished units.

Emergency procedures were activated and the area was evacuated for 15 minutes while the seriousness of the situation was investigated.

The power station continued to operate throughout and essential staff remained at their posts.

One Muja worker said the explosion occurred near Dutch ovens near the bottom of the hoppers where fly ash is extracted.

Water passes through the tubes under immense pressure and one of them gave way.

The explosion occurred in Unit 3 at the refurbished A B area.

An Australian Manufacturing Workers Union officer said it was extraordinary that nobody else was hurt.

“Half of the guys are shedded up and won’t be going back until we are sure it is safe,” he said.

Before the injury was confirmed, AMWU state secretary Steve McCartney had hailed the lack of casualties as “a miracle”.

“Our members won’t return until they (Verve Energy management) can assure them of their safety.”

One post-blast issue was “fly ash flying around”, he said.

“We have got to ensure a safe working environment.”

Workers had previously faced asbestos issues on the Muja site, Mr McCartney said.

The unions wanted to ensure workers who suffered shock were given the appropriate support.