Sterner stepping down

COLLIE Kostecki Motorplex manager Simon Sterner is stepping down as chairman of the Collie River Valley Marketing Group tomorrow (Thursday).

.“I have so much to do out here — and I am working on the Chamber of Commerce — that I can’t be all thing to all people,” Mr Sterner said from his race circuit office today (Tuesday).

He was stepping down at the annual general meeting to make way for “new blood,” he said.

It was time for younger, more active people to take over running community activities.

He had noticed the same lack of young faces at motor sport committees but it was time for the older generation to get out of the way, he said.

Mr Sterner’s deputy, Roseanne Pimm, said the group desperately needed young people with a stake in Collie’s economic future to attend the meeting.

It also desperately needed a new president.

“It’s not something I should have to do,” she said. “We need someone to take it on.”

She appealed to local business people with a stake in the town’s future to attend the annual general meeting, starting at 9.30am on Thursday, July 26, in the Collie Shire Council conference room.