Dressing gown man on assault charge

A 48-YEAR-OLD man wearing a woman’s dressing gown was found hogtied outside a Collie residence at 6.30am on Sunday, September 19, Collie Magistrate’s Court was told last week.

Snr Const Joel Prime, who was called to the scene, said the defendant was cable tied at the ankles and wrists and in a garden bed.

It was believed he had been tied to restrain him after he had used an outdoor chair to damage a fence and to assault a woman in the presence of children, Snr Const Prime said.

Police prosecutor, Snr Sgt Barry Phelps, showed the court photographs of the assault victim’s injuries, taken within days of the alleged assault. They revealed bruises on the victim’s forehead, upper left arm and buttocks.

It was alleged the defendant had gone to the house to deliver an asthma puffer to his daughter who was having a sleep over. He had also brought wine which he and the victim had drunk.

The court heard that, after consuming the wine, the defendant and victim had gone to the defendant’s home to get more wine.

Back at the victim’s home the defendant was given a pink dressing gown because he had got wet while getting the wine. He was alleged to have exposed himself to the victim and assaulted her after she had asked him to put his clothes back on.

He was also said to have pulled the victims pants down and hit her with a chair.

The victim claimed she had to run out of the house.

She said a neighbour had intervened and managed to tie the defendant up before police arrived.

Lawyer Stephen Gabriel, for the defendant, said much of the victim’s testimony was not in the initial police report.

The victim said she had been traumatised by the incident and that it had taken several weeks to recall it.

The defendant pleaded not guilty to four charges involving assault, the destruction of property, and breach of bail.

He had taken a blood test shortly after the alleged incident because his actions had been out of character, he said.

The tests revealed traces of a drug which he had not knowingly taken.

The victim could have put amphetamines into his drink, he said.

The case has been adjourned to October 10 to the Collie Magistrates Court.