House search uncovers $25,000, marron and drugs

COLLIE police scoured a house in Collie for drugs last Friday after an anonymous tip-off and allegedly found $25,000 in cash.

Police also found a wash trough full of undersized marron.

Snr Sgt Boehm said police received a warrant to search a Moore Street property last Friday, at 7.15am, after receiving information from a “concerned member of the community”.

It was alleged police found 139 grams of cannabis, 7.5 grams of amphetamines and four grams of crystal methamphetamines on the property.

Equipment including drug scales, clip seal bags and cutting utensils were also found.

A 51-year-old man will face two charges of drug possession with the intention to sell and supply, and one charge of unlawful possession, Snr Sgt Boehm said.

Police had to make further inquiries with the Department of Fisheries before the man could be charged with keeping undersize marron.

Snr Sgt Boehm said the man had been released on bail of $5000.

A 32-year-old man would be charged with owning a smoking utensil.


A MAN aggravating the local community by screeching his car’s tyres along Lynn Street and Palmer Road was stopped by police last Sunday night.

The officer in charge of Collie police, Snr Sgt Rod Boehm, said the man was part of a group of people aiming to annoy a local resident.

He warned “hoons” looking to cause trouble that their cars could be impounded for up to three months if they were caught.