Women’s hockey results

LAST week’s women’s hockey results -

A Grade: Amaroo 3 (C Jones, C Rakich, N Michalak) d Swans 2 (L Massara, E Yeates). Best, Amaroo: N Michalak, C Jones, L Ellery. Swans: L Massara, S Woods, E Yeates.

A Reserve: Rovers 5 (S Turner 2, S Dewar 2, T McDonald) d Mustangs 2 (D Shepherdson 2). Best, Rovers: A Sutherland, D Dickinson, S Turner. Mustangs: H O’Connor, S Pearson, N Camera

Vets 1 (K Evans) drew Swans 1 (K Pike). Best, Vets: K Evans, J Fontana, T Old. Swans: M Slaven, C Shepherd, E Stewart.

Intermediates: Rovers 5 (A McDonald 2, M Edwards, E Dye, J Pilatti) d Mustangs 1 (K Pike). Best, Rovers: A Sanford, J Pilatti, P Old. Mustangs: L Cook, B Tanner, L Antonovich.

Swans 2 (A DiTullio 2) d Amaroo 0. Best, Swans: K Read, A DiTullio, B Read. Amaroo: A Wishart, S Chapman, T Dawson-Gibbs.

C Grade: Onyx 3 (M Williams 2, E Antonovich) d Opals 2 (A Sanford 2). Best, Onyx: M Williams, I Williams, K Putland. Opals: T Yeates, J South, L Uren.

Sapphires 5 (G Sheppard 2, H Rushton, B Ramshaw, T Dye) d Diamonds 0. Best, Sapphires: C Sheppard, A Davidson, A Seaton. Diamonds: A Briggs, L Crowe, T Alcorn.

Fixtures for Saturday August 11 –

C grade at 9.45am, Sapphires v Onyx (S Crowe, Caitlin Swan); 10.45am, Rubies v Diamonds (S Dewar, S Morton). Bye, Opals.

A2 at 12 noon, Vets v Mustangs (K Crowe, E Davis; Tech Bench, Gallipoli); 1.30pm, Amaroo v Swans (G Pullan, S Crowe; Tech Bench, Gallipoli). Bye, Rovers.

SWL at 3.15pm, Collie v Associates in Bunbury.

Fixtures for Sunday, August 12 – A grade, at 10.30am, Amaroo v Rovers (Panel, Panel; Tech Bench, Gallipoli). Bye, Swans.

Fixtures for Tuesday, August 14 – Mini, 4pm to 4.45pm (N Camera, S Pearson); Intemediates at 5pm, Amaroo v Mustangs (P Hetherington, C Fitzgerald; Tech Bench Gallipoli); 6.15pm, Rovers v Swans (C Rakich, D Shepherdson; Tech Bench Gallipoli).

C Grade and Mini fundraiser – A reminder to all C Grade and mini families that your chocolate fund raiser is due in by August 25. All chocolates must be sold so return your money to your coach or manager. If you would like to sell more chocolates please give Shay a ring 0418 916 258.

Association Fundraiser – A reminder to all clubs that the association is running a fundraiser – a signed and framed hockey stick from Kobie McGurk. All tickets that have been distributed to clubs and must be returned as soon as possible. We are in town this week to sell tickets. All clubs are to fill their allocated times on the roster.

The CWHA AGM was held on Monday. Many thanks to Terri Old outgoing Treasurer for the wonderful work she has done in this role over the last two years.

The 2013 Executive consists of Rachel Moloney president, Shay Dewar vice president, Jo Ingram secretary and Emily Harnby treasurer.

Next season Natalie Gasperi will be the umpires’ co-ordinator.

We will be taking on a new format for the allocating of umpires to games. The junior committee next year is Shari Pike, Shay Dewar, Shirley Crowe, Joanne Sanford, Wendy Old, Sonya Mumme and Chelsea Williams. Many thanks to Kandee Shepherd and Kylie Barrett who have worked on the Junior Committee for a considerable number of years. All juniors appreciate your valuable contribution.