Multi-cultural poet arrives in Collie

Passionate poet: Daniella Rochford wants to influence people to write poetry.
Passionate poet: Daniella Rochford wants to influence people to write poetry.

A MULTI-cultural poet who has recently set down roots in Collie has big ideas to spread her love of poetry.

Daniella Rochford recently moved to Collie from Broome for a fresh start in life.

She began writing poetry about eight months ago and plans to put her skills to good use by offering free poetry workshops at local schools.

"A lot can be said through poetry," she said.

"Expressions and stories can be told, it is important for people to have the confidence and encourage them to look into it."

Ms Rochford has Aboriginal, Sri-Lankan, Scottish and Indonesian heritage, all of which have some influence over her writing.

"I speak from my heart, my writing is passionate, my style of writing is straight to the point, I don't beat around the bush," she said.

"Whatever I feel I write."

Ms Rochford finds it disappointing poetry is not high on Australian school agendas anymore.

That is why she aims to hold some workshops to instill the passion back into students.

After being on the judging panel for a poetry program, she witnessed first- hand how her influence could boost people's confidence for writing poetry.

Ms Rochford enjoys writing historical and non-fiction poetry, such as the Stolen Generation,

"When I write on a certain subject I know will capture the audience, I will get really excited," she said.

"I already know it will capture someones attention. I don't like to offend people but I want to be straight to the point."

Ms Rochford is also in the final stages of having her first book published, titled Expressions of an Exotic Poet.