Collie ping pong pros video goes viral

Two Collie men have created a video that would put any beer-pong player to shame.

Nathan Playle and James Connell, both 19, filmed the video over the course of several weekends and several practice sessions of beer-pong.

The video shows the boys doing several trick shots with ping pong balls, using plates and other objects to ricochet the balls in to a cup of beer, and was filmed in Mr Playles dad's shed.  

WATCH: Check out the boy's remarkable trick shots.

Mr Playle said the video was created after the boys were playing beer pong and decided to ‘take it up a notch’.

 “There were a few weekends where we didn’t really have anything on and were a bit bored, so we decided to play some beer pong and it just went from there,” Mr Playle said. 

“It started off as a drinking game, and then we added some plates and made it more difficult."

One of the tricks sees Mr Connell driving past on a gopher and throws the ball from a distance to land straight in a cup of  beer.

Although the video looks like the boys performed the tricks with ease, Mr Playle said some of the tricks took more practice than others.

“Some of the tricks took a few tries and some practice, and others just went straight in,” he said. 

The video was posted to Facebook last week and has so far been shared 129 times and has racked up over seven thousand views.

Mr Playle said that although they don’t have any plans to make any more videos soon, they will make another if the viewer’s demand it.


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