Jobs commitment for Collie’s future

WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan joined Member for Collie-Preston Mick Murray yesterday in Collie to announce WA Labor’s plan for the electorate, which included around $200 million worth of commitments to projects in the health, education, aged care and industry sectors.

Labor’s plans include committing $30m to support the building of a biomass energy plant in Collie, $30m to support the establishment of a solar farm in Collie, and investing Invest $20m to establish a specialised drug rehabilitation centre in the Bunbury-Collie region.

Mr McGowan made the announcements and addressed the public at Collie Hospital, where he pledged $12.2m to complete the upgrade of Collie Hospital if a Labor Government wins the March election.

Mr McGowan said he was committed to the future of Collie and the allocation of $5m a year to the Collie Futures Fund to ensure the sustainability of the coal industry, drive economic diversity and create jobs.

“I am committed to building a sustainable future for Collie and WA Labor’s Plan for Collie-Preston will do this. I want to see Collie remain a strong, vibrant town where opportunities are available for all,” he said.

“We will build a more sustainable future for Collie by creating a diverse economy, supporting local business, developing skills and creating jobs. A McGowan labor Government will build a more prosperous future for Collie.”

“Royalties for Regions will continue under a government I lead.”

WA Labor has also allocated $500,000 to upgrading facilities at Valleyview Residence aged care facility and $2m to the upgrade and repurpose of Riverview Residence. 

Upgrades: The Mineworkers Memorial Swimming Pool will receive $2 million towards the construction of a 25-metre indoor pool under Labor. Photo: Shannon Wood.

Upgrades: The Mineworkers Memorial Swimming Pool will receive $2 million towards the construction of a 25-metre indoor pool under Labor. Photo: Shannon Wood.

Member for Collie-Preston Mick Murray said he had worked closely with WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan on creating the plan for the Collie-Preston region. 

“This is a real plan that will create jobs and opportunities for people in Collie and improve essential services like health and education,” he said.

“People in Collie are genuinely worried about their future and families are struggling. We need to plan for our future and build a diverse, modern local economy to create new jobs across a range of industries, while maintaining support for our traditional mining, refining and power generation base.”

Mr Murray said diversifying industry in the region would create jobs. 

Mr McGowan and Mr Murray also visited the Collie Mineworkers Memorial Swimming Pool where they announced $2m for the construction of a 25-metre indoor pool. 

The WA Labor plan for Collie-Preston also outlines proposals for enhancing the facilities and amenities at Stockton Lake, an allocation of $500,000 towards planning and environmental studies for a new caravan park at Minninup Pool, and a $10m contribution towards establishing rail access to Kemerton Industrial Park to create new business development.

There is also a commitment to construct a new eight classroom block at Collie Senior High School.

Mr McGowan said the comprehensive package was designed to make sure there are long-term sustainable jobs for the electorate. 

“This package has support for energy, it has support for a sustainable coal industry, it has support for renewable energy, it will upgrade local hospitals, schools,and massive improvements for local tourism infrastructure,” he said. 

“We all know the South West is a beautiful place, I want to make sure the South West is sold to the world as a place you can come and visit.”