Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (SFFP) join state election race

South West MLC Nigel Hallett says small business, tax relief and bush fire management will be among the key political issues for the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (SFFP) in the lead up to the WA state election.

The party kicked off its campaign with SFFP leader, Hon Rick Mazza and parliamentary colleague Hon Nigel Hallett joining 35 candidates on the steps of Parliament House. 

Mr Hallett holds the number one position on SFFP South West Upper House ticket with high profile Brunswick businessman Craig Carbone and SFFP president Ray Hull holding the number two and three positions respectively.

Since being elected to parliament in 2005 Mr Hallett has been responsible for securing $25 million for the redevelopment of the Harvey Agricultural College, $23 million for the construction of a Doppler radar network and was instrumental in the overturning of the decision to close the Jakarta Trade Office.

“Doppler radar coverage will deliver $108 million windfall to farmers over the next two decades and provide numerous benefits in firefighting services, aviation and mining,” he said. 

Mr Hallett said the SFFP has received overwhelming support in recent months with the party experiencing a surge in popularity.

The number of candidates has grown from 12 at the 2013 state election to a record 35 candidates in 2017.

“We have an outstanding team of candidates that offer a diverse range of skills, experiences and backgrounds including Clinton Thomas who will contest the seat of Collie-Preston and Marc Deas who is running in Warren Blackwood,” he said.

The primary focus of the SFFP political campaign will be small business, the establishment of a separate rural fire service, improved food security and tax reform.

“It’s no secret that West Australians are frustrated with the Liberal-National Government and the current tax system which is anti-small business and anti-investment. WA must receive a greater share of revenue from the GST to replace payroll, land tax and stamp duty,” he said.