Duo to mark 25 years at Coles

The same year Barcelona hosted the Olympics and one and two cent coins were withdrawn from circulation, Collie locals Adele Crowe and Janine Britten started their careers at Coles.

Twenty-five years later, Adele and Janine are celebrating their silver anniversaries as team members at Coles. 

Janine first donned her Coles uniform as a sales assistant in the variety section of Coles when hardware and toys were part of the range.

Janine notes technology as being the biggest change at Coles supermarkets over her years of service.  “Compared to when I first started, technology has made everything so quick and easy,” she said. 

Meanwhile, Adele said her long and successful career at Coles nearly didn’t happen. 

“My aunty, who also works at Coles, put my name down for a job. When I was contacted for an interview, I turned it down,” she said.  

“My mum made me call back and accept the interview. I had no idea that was the start of my journey at Coles. I’m glad my mum put the pressure on for me to call back.” 

“I really love the people I work with. Working with friends who are like my second family is one of the highlights of my time at Coles,” she said.