Collie Police urge caution to CBD shop owners

Collie police have urged shop owners to take care and protect their businesses, following a string of incidents over the past month. 

Acting Senior Sergeant Terry Townsend said store owners have been advised to take precautions such as installing locks, lighting and CCTV on their premises. 

“We’re aware of the areas of concern, so that if there are places that keep getting broken in to all we can do is do the patrols more regularly,” he said. 

“You rely on alarms and forensics, should they get into them, and premise owners to make sure that their premises are secured properly.”

Senior Sergeant Townsend said members of the public could also make sure homes and cars remained locked and precious items kept out of view. 

He said police relied on community members for information on incidents and persons of interest. 

Senior Sergeant Townsend said the majority of persons responsible for store, house and car break-ins - as well as thefts - would likely be adults, with many looking to fund drug habits by committing crimes. 

An incident occurred as recent as Tuesday where an alleged robber was arrested in the central business district. Police blocked off the area on Steere Street to investigate.

Collie Crank ‘n’ Cycles was hit by an attempted break-in earlier this month.

According to store owner Erik Mellegers, the culprits climbed onto the shed roof before going through the roof’s metal panelling and attempting to break into the store room. 

“It is frustrating, it’s a lot of time that you spend chasing it up which you could spend working in your business,” he said. 

Civic Video Collie owner Donna Greenmount told the Mail ​she had discovered damage to the back door of the premises last week. 

“You struggle anyhow in a small business, there aren’t many small businesses that are doing excellent, so I don’t see how someone can think they have got the right to take what you have earned for nothing,” she said. 

Collie Garden Centre – Plants Plus owner Sue Hennighan said her security camera had been removed from the Harvey Street facility two weeks ago. 

Mrs Hennighan said the store had been hit with acts of vandalism and thefts multiple times this year. 

Anyone with information can call Collie Police on 9734 6333 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.