Fixtures and results for Collie women’s and junior hockey

Women's and Junior Hockey 


Saturday, June 17

9.45am C Diamonds v Sapphires (G. Sheppard, M. Conlan); tech bench (S. Crowe);

10.45am C Onyx v Rubies (A. Barber, E. Antonovich); tech bench (W. Marley);

1.30pm A2 Rovers v Vets (J. Crowe, C. Swan); tech bench (Rovers/Vets);

3pm A2 Swans v Mustangs (S. Crowe, W. Marley); tech bench (Swans/Mustangs);

4.30pm A Rovers v Mustangs (K. Old, C. Swan); tech bench (Rovers/Mustangs);

6pm A Amaroo v Swans (K. Old, S. Dewar); tech bench (Amaroo/Swans).

Bye Collie SWL.

Tuesday, June 20

3.40-4.10pm Mini Pre-Primary and Year 1 (D. Pesci, L. Curchin, A. Davidson, B. Allen);

4.15-4.45pm Mini Years 2 & 3 (D. Pesci, L. Curchin, A. Davidson, B. Allen);

5pm Int Amaroo v Mustangs (A. Shepherd, T. Moxon); tech bench (Amaroo/Mustangs);

6.15pm Int Swans v Rovers (T. Kirk, Kandee Shepherd); tech bench (Swans/Rovers).



Collie 5 (T. Kirk 2, G. Sheppard, A. Davidson, D. Pelliciari) d Robins 2

Best Collie: A. Davidson, B. Ramshaw, P. Old.


Rovers 2 (B. Ramshaw, L. Crowe) d Amaroo 1 (T. Kirk).

Best Rovers: P. Old, A. Davidson, B. Ramshaw.

Best Amaroo: S. Burnett, A. Wishart, E. Varis.

Mustangs 2 (S. Pike, G. Sheppard) d Swans 0

Best Mustangs: G. Sheppard, C. Miller, T. Mumme.

Best Swans: A. Seaton, T. Read Wallis, R. Swallow.


Swans 1 (S. Aramini) d Rovers 0

Best Swans: J. Davidson, N. Bury, S. Aramini.

Best Rovers: A. Dalton, I. Williams, T. Briggs.

Vets 1 (M. Loxton) drew Mustangs 1. (D Cabrini).

Best Vets: Team effort.

Best Mustangs: T. Bignell, S. Mumme, K. Burek.


Mustangs 4 (G. Sheppard 2, M. Faries 2) d Rovers 0

Best Mustangs: G. Sheppard, A. Pike, M. Faries.

Best Rovers: E. Dewar, A. Davidson, L. Crowe.

Amaroo 2 (S. Burnett 2) d Swans 0

Best Amaroo: E. Fraser, C. Broadbent, J. Humphryson.

Best Swans: J. Davies, K. Emery, J. Read Wallis.


Onyx 0 drew Diamonds 0

Best Onyx: A. MacDonald, A. Spencer, B. Hinsey.

Best Diamonds: Z. Hawks, Z. Bury, S. Bury.

Sapphires 6 (P. Marley 2, C. Lee 2, S. Clark 2) d Rubies 4 (J. Davies 2, S. Ramshaw 2).

Best Sapphires: P. Marley, L. Marley, J. Coverley.

Best Rubies: S. Ramshaw, K. Davies, M. Bercene.

Goal keeper uniform

A friendly reminder, goal keepers are required to wear a different coloured shirt to the teams playing; this is stated in the rule book.