Council: rates rise by 2 per cent

Shire of Collie ratepayers are set to experience a lower rate rise than last year, after the 2017/18 draft budget was adopted at the shire council meeting on Tuesday night. 

The 2 per cent increase in rates for 2017/18 is less than last year’s rise of 3.86 per cent. 

The increase of 2 per cent equates to approximately $120,800. 

Shire president Wayne Sanford told Councillors during budget deliberations that “we have spent some money over the last few years now it’s time to save.” 

Councillors were mindful throughout the budget process in keeping the rate rise to below 2 per cent with a 5/4 vote in favour of setting their target at 2 per cent as opposed to a 1.5 per cent. 

The most significant capital project for 2017/18 relates to the Collie Motorplex track expansion of $2.9 million, which is expected to be completed by the end of this year. 

In this year’s budget there was also the addition of operating accounts relating to the Coalfields Museum which are estimated to cost approximately $40,000.

Council voted to place $99 504 into the Shire’s plant reserves. 

Councillors voted to delay the purchase of several vehicles which have been deferred to next year’s budget. 

Items that were voted on and included in the draft budget under the ‘items for consideration’ included; a short promotional video of the Collie Region made by Collie River Valley Marketing- $3250, and a new toilet and dump point on Throssell Street (150,000) which will be half grant funded. 

Also included in the budget allocations is $2,400 for the screening of two films in Central Park and and funding to take on a trainee youth development officer part time at the shire. 

The two per cent increase is the lowest rate rise in the past five years with the 2012/13 rates rising by 6.79 per cent, 2013/14 by 9.07 per cent, 2014/15 by 4.59 per cent, 2015/16 by 4.26 per cent, and 2016/17 rates by 3.86 per cent.

By way of comparison, the 2 per cent rates rise is under half of the City of Bunbury’s 2017/18 rate rise of 4.5 per cent. 

The budget document will be available on the Collie Shire website at