Member for Collie-Preston Mick Murray outlines status of Collie Cemetery pledge

Collie-Preston MLA Mick Murray has announced work on the Collie Cemetery was up for consideration ahead of the 2017/18 State Budget. 

“All of the projects that were committed to during the election campaign will be delivered but are currently under consideration in the lead up to the WA state government budget in September,” he said. 

“We have no estimate yet as the project is still under consideration. It will be delivered but it’s a question of when and how and who which is still being finalised.”

Mr Murray pledged $300,000 from the McGowan Labor Government for the chapel project if he were elected in the 2017 State Election. 

Mr Murray said the funds would go towards the project. He said details have not been finalised but would be announced once plans were completed. 

“The figures were arrived at through a rough estimation but there will be a stringent acquittal process in place to make sure there is strong accountability and transparency between state government and the local government and community organisations in delivering this commitment,” he said. 

Mr Murray stated he would work alongside state ministers and departments, local government and community organisations.

He also said it would facilitate Local Projects, Local Jobs funding in Collie.

“Collie has needed a chapel at the cemetery for years and it’s always been on my radar to get it done so that Collie residents can have their funeral services locally at the cemetery so that they don’t have to travel to Bunbury or elsewhere which has been the case for too long,” he said. 

“A cemetery with a chapel is vital to be able to celebrate the lives of those that are no longer with us in a sensitive and appropriate setting. 

“For residents of our community I imagine it would be quite upsetting to not be able to celebrate the lives of family and friends in the place where they lived, it is this reason why I have been campaigning for years to get this chapel established.”

The Shire of Collie council signed off on a $8000 cemetery landscaping project back in May. 

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