Two-plus year delay between public housing application and moving in: Department of Communities (Housing)

People applying for public housing lots may have to wait over two years to move in, according to the Department of Communities (Housing). 

Department of Communities Assistant Director General Greg Cash said there had been 43 applications for public housing in Collie as of June 30, 2017, with three priority listed. 

He said the average waiting time to be placed into a home was 114 weeks, while 24 applicants and their families had been housed within the past year. 

“The Department of Communities provides both Government Regional Officers Housing and public housing in Collie and also funds non-profit agencies to provide tenancy support and financial counselling services,” he said. 

“At June 30, 2017 there were 2,460 tenanted public housing properties in the South West Region, of which 194 were in Collie.

“Under its social housing program, the Department completed construction on 11 new dwellings and purchased a further eight in the South West Region in 2016-2017.”

Mr Cash said the Department of Communities took care of each public housing lot by performing maintenance projects. 

“Properties are inspected annually to inform future maintenance requirements,” he said. 

“Tenants are encouraged to notify the Department of any reactive works by calling the dedicated Housing Direct maintenance line.

“In addition to reactive maintenance, some properties in Collie have been included in future planned works such as roof replacement, external painting, gutter and flue cleaning.”

At June 30, 2017 there were 2,460 tenanted public housing properties in the South West Region, of which 194 were in Collie.

Greg Cash, Department of Communities (Housing)

Shire of Collie chief executive officer David Blurton stated the Department of Communities contributed significantly to social housing needs.

“The Department of Housing provides community housing in Collie that meets the needs of disadvantaged sections of the community,” he said. 

“Council has a good working relationship with the Department of Housing with respect to fire breaks and fire hazards on their land. 

“The Department has an exemption for planning and building approvals, so there is little interaction in this area beyond compliance with the Town Planning scheme.”

One resident, who did not wish to be identified, said they and their partner had applied for a four bedroom house six months ago. 

They had moved from their home in Wagin after 11 years to Collie to be closer to family. 

They said they, their four kids and their partner were forced to live in their aunty’s two bedroom home throughout their time in Collie. 

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