Weekly crime report: warning after burglaries

Collie Police Senior Sergeant Heath Soutar is warning home owners to be vigilant after a string of break ins in Collie over the past week. 

There were two break-in’s in Walsh Street, one in Atkinson Street and one in Simpson Street. Senior Sergeant Soutar said police believed the break in’s in Walsh Street and Simpson Street were linked. 

“The ones in Walsh Street and Simpson Street we believe were possibly linked. They happened in very similar circumstances,” he said. “It almost looks like people are targeting premises that are vacant or that people are away on holidays.”

Senior Sergeant Heath Soutar said there were a few things homeowners can do whilst away from their premises. “People should give the impression that there is still someone at the premises,” he said.

“Leave a light on or have a car left at the premises instead of nothing in the driveway at all.

“Also, alert your neighbours and let them know of your movements, your whereabouts and your contact number. Get your neighbours to put your bins in and out on bin days.”

“We are also happy to receive details of vacant premises at the police station so if something was to happen we’ve got a record to ring the owners.” Fingerprints taken at the scene of the break-in’s are currently undergoing forensic analysis. 

Senior Sergeant Heath Soutar said the community are the eyes on the street, and should take note of any behaviour that is out of the ordinary. “Members of the public if they see anything strange or peculiar should call police,” he said. 

“If they are thinking of ringing police then do it, because if we are available we can get to the area straight away and find out what’s going on. Quite often the community are our eyes on the street at a particular time.

“Throughout my career, we’ve caught burglars through people ringing up and saying there’s someone going into a house.I stress, if people see any strange behavior or suspicious behaviour to please ring Collie police and let us know.”

Senior Sergeant Heath Soutar also congratulated the Collie PCYC on their recent award for the state award for regional centre of the year. 

“I really want to congratulate them on that award and all of the work that they are currently doing and have planned in the future,” he said. 

“The PCYC are a wonderful asset to have in the Collie community and If any kids are out there looking for things to do.” If you have any information regarding a crime call Collie Police on 9734 6333.