Flashback Friday – the Collie Mail in 1980 | Photos

We've dug deep into the archives and found a goldmine in the Collie Mail vaults, dating back to the year of 1980. 

While our digital archive only goes back about a decade, the Collie Mail has been covering all the news and events in the area since 1908. 

So we've decided to dust off the papers and share the good old days with our readers. 

Dating back over 30 years ago there was a lot that was going on in the region at the time.

The Collie Fire Brigade got a new fire truck and Collie St John Ambulance got a new ambulance.

New works costing $371,000 were carried out at the Collie Hospital.

The Shire of Collie voted for the Census to be undertaken by the Australian Bureau of Statistics which cost $3,200.

The Sole Bros. Circus came to Collie at the Wallsend Ground.

12-year-old Lisa Marie Mott vanished while walking home from a basketball game in Collie in November and still to this day has never been found.

9 students from Collie Senior High School received passports and visas for their trip to Japan during a special ceremony at the Collie Rotary Club in September.

So, take a look through this flashback gallery and see whether you can spot any familiar faces from 1980. How many still live in the region?

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