Safety first for shire council

The Shire of Collie council has refused an application for an exception to a swimming pool gate after councillors deemed it would be unsafe if they passed it. 

Residents of the property on Atkinson Street requested for their swimming pool gate to be changed from opening outwards to inwards. 

The gate was installed and approved when pool gates could open in any direction. In 2001 the legislation changed and required all pool gates to open away from the swimming pool as a safety feature.

Director of development services Andrew Dover said the residents wanted it altered due to the owner's health condition and inability to swing the gate towards her while using her walking mobility frame.

The owners had put the application to council so they wouldn’t have to incur the fee for altering the pool gate themselves.

The clothes line is located inside the gate, which makes it difficult to access when they wish to hang their washing. Councillor Michelle Smith recommended that they move the clothesline.