Riding for the Disabled Association Winter Games

The Act Belong Commit Riding for the Disabled Association Winter Games that were held last Saturday had competitors from across the state compete in a wide number of events.  

The event was coordinated and judged by Rhiannon Rowden, along with other judges Marilyn Dreaver, B-j Thurman and Jo Williams.

RDA volunteers also helped on the grounds and preparing food for the competitors and their families. 

The overall results:

Under 10’s

1st- Aimee Kidd

2nd- William Bowen 

3rd- Ayala Cullen

4th- Gwennie Sewell 

Ages 11 – 13 

1st- Rachel Quill 

2nd- T'Leah Woods 

3rd- Rachel Paeyenko 

4th- Maddison Doust

Ages 14 – 17

1st- Bree Sieler 

2nd- Audrey Young

3rd- Mhontana Scanlan

4th- Natasha Waye

Over 18’s 

1st -Shay McGuinnus 

2nd- Lee Holland 

3rd- Zoe Kellow

4th- Sue McKee