Williamson the run away winner

Photo supplied.
Photo supplied.

In perfect conditions for winter golf, John Williamson came to the party and recorded a big win in the HB Financial Services Trophy.

In a field of 46, Williamson scored 45 to be a tearaway winner.

Playing alongside ‘Willow’ was Clive Pullan who pushed the winner all the way.

Clive had 40 for the runners-up trophy, but a ding dong battle was had all the way until the final few holes where John managed to pull away.

The sponsors put on a third place trophy and that went to Danny Cheng who putted brilliantly for his 39.

Des Hebb had 37 points, followed by Bruce Jackson 36, Kevin Ireland and Chris Stewart 35, Kim Metcalfe and John Wray 34.

For the ladies Bev Moyses was the winner with 29 points.

Novelties winners: 

No. 4 – Danny Cheng and Nancy Lynn

No. 6 – Ron Annandale

No. 7 – Bruce Jackson

No. 9 – Colin Giblett

No. 14 – Brett Smith

No. 15 – Danny Cheng

No. 18 – Colin Giblett.

Leisure Day

On Tuesday 14 players turned up for Club sponsored Leisure Day Trophy with threatening weather hanging around.

Phil Warburton found the going to his liking coming in with 37 to be the winner.

John Wray was a point behind on 36 and Darren Obrien had 32 to round out the vouchers.

The best vet on the day went to Peter Coombs with 31 points.


Thursday Scroungers attracted a field of 46 with a tight contest at the top.

Mark Williams edged out Greg White for top spot with both golfers having 21.

Ash Hollins also edged out Rob Cavanagh for third with both having 20.

Graeme Jackson had 18 followed by Jarrod Miller, John Wray and Ray McGill all on 17.

John Wray had the day’s best gross with 38 off-the-stick.

Next week’s events:

Saturday – Stableford for Drummond Golf; 

Tuesday – leisure day;

Thursday – scroungers.