Workers One takes care of sister team

Results of the July 31 round of the Collie ladies darts competition.

Workers One defeated Workers Three 9-2.

Workers One highest peg Linda McGarry 48, highest score Sue Barrett 132, highest average Helena Gryczalowski 40.69.

Workers Three highest peg Wendy Radford 35, highest score Miranda Kelleher 103, highest average Lesley Rees 43.42.

Power defeated Workers Two 8-3.

Power HP Jenny Roney 40, HS Tracey, Kylie, Lisa 95, HA Lisa Ellis-Smith 39.69

Workers Two HP Mhari Cain 82, HS Vikki Kohler 113, HA Mhari Cain 38.34.

Loco’s defeated Ridge Two 7-4. Loco’s HP Ruth Bebbington 60, HS Ruth Bebbington 131, HA Loralee Dye 39.6.

Ridge Two HP Tash Gibbs 32, HS Kat Dean 100, HA Aileen Strahan 38.03.

Coasters defeated Federal 7-4.

Coasters HP Charntelle Shepherd 32, HS Wendy Rinder 125, HA Charntelle Shepherd 52.91.

Federal HP Katy Hyde 42, HS Irene Harnby 125, HA Katy Hyde 39.91.

Sheoaks defeated Spades 6-5.

Sheoaks HP Joy Ugle 45, HS Kerry Watts 105, HA Kerry Watts 37.73.

Spades HP Kirsten Murphy 21, HS Carol Bowen 102, HA Kirsten Murphy 39.88.

Ridge One had a bye