Women’s league team takes down Exies

Photo: Thomas Munday.
Photo: Thomas Munday.


South West League

Collie 5 (A. Davidson 2, M. Crowe, E. Antonovich, D. Cockram) d Exies 0;

Best – Collie: A. Davidson, C. Jones, E. Antonovich.

Collie 5 (C. Jones 2, J. Pilatti, M. Fleay, M. Pullan) d Capel 0;

Best – Collie: A. Harrold, L. Crowe, E. Antonovich.


Swans 2 (K. Davies, K. Harker) d Mustangs 1 (R. Pike);

Best – Swans: C. Green, K. Harker, W. Old; Mustangs: K. Burek, R. Pike, M. Head.

Rovers 2 (S. Dewar 2) d Swans 0;

Best – Rovers: S. Dewar, N. Gasperi, D. Dye; Swans: C. Green, M. Conlan, K. Davidson.

Mustangs 1 (C. Sheppard) d Rovers 0;

Best – Mustangs: S. Mumme, R. Pike, K. Burek; Rovers: J. Gulvin, T. Briggs, S. Ramshaw.


Swans 3 (J. Davies 2, J. Read Wallis) d Rovers 1 (D. Hunter);

Best – Swans: Team effort; Rovers: A. Davidson, S. Coverley, L. Crowe.

Mustangs 8 (M. Craker 5, M. Fleay 2, A. Pike) d Amaroo 0;

Best – Mustangs: M. Fleay, T. Mumme, M. Hinsey; Amaroo: E. Whitney, J. Humphryson, C. Wright.


Diamonds 0 drew Sapphires 0;

Best – Diamonds: W. Michael, K. Grimes, E. Whitney; Sapphires: K. Davies, J. Coverley, H. Ireland.

Opals 3 (C. Townsend 2, M. Turner) d Onyx 2 (E. Thomson, O. Mumme);

Best – Opals: C. Johnson, S. Schmitt, C. Townsend; Onyx: B. Hinsey, T. Carey, J. David.

Sapphires 3 (E. Shepherd, L. Rabaud, J. Coverley) d Rubies 2 (S. Ramshaw, M. White);

Best – Sapphires: Team effort; Rubies: M. White, M. Bercene, S. Stanley.


Maccas voucher winners: Connor Wilma, Carter Elsbury, Ryder Lankford, Dane Becker.


Friday, Aug 17

6.35pm: South West League – Marist v Collie in Bunbury.

Saturday, Aug 18

9.45am: C Opals v Rubies (N. Gesue, M. Fleay), TB (S. Crowe);

10.45am: C Diamonds v Onyx (C. Crowe, M. Crowe), TB (W. Marley);

Bye: C Sapphires;

12 noon: C-grade windup & presentations – Shirts to be worn at presentations and then handed back to your team manager.

12 noon: WA Amaroo v Rovers (K. Crowe, S. Mumme), TB (Amaroo, Rovers);

4.30pm: WA2 Mustangs v Rovers (S. Michalak, J. Crowe), TB (Mustangs, Rovers);

6pm: WA Mustangs v Swans (S. Crowe, C. Jones), TB (Mustangs, Swans);

Bye: WA2 Swans.

Tuesday, Aug 21

5pm: Int Semi Final One Swans v Amaroo (Panel, Panel), TB (Swans, Amaroo);

6.15pm: Int Semi Final Two Rovers v Mustangs (Panel, Panel), TB (Rovers, Mustangs).