Coasters take out A-grade ladies’ darts grand final

The Collie Ladies Dart Association had its grand finals and wind-up on Saturday, September 1.

All three games in each grade were close and well played by everyone involved. 

A-grade was won by Coasters (Club Hotel) who finished on top of the ladder, only being defeated in one game all season.

The runner-up was Loco’s (Railways) who finished the season off in third. Game score was 6-5.

B-grade was won by Workers One who defeated Sheoaks 6-2.

In C-grade, Workers Two defeated Workers Three in another hard fought game, 6-5.

Individual results

Highest average: Kirby Kaurin; runner-up: Kylie Nevermann.

Most pegs: Julie Rinder; runner-up: Caroline Fitzgerald and Deonne Sheperdson.

Highest peg: Melinda Fitzgerald 117; runner-up: Katy Hyde 106.

Highest one-night average: Katy Hyde.

Best new player: Laura Churchin.

Most Team Points: Coasters - Jo Rinder; Federal - Katy Hyde; Loco’s - Melinda Fitzgerald; Sheoaks - Rose Stone; Power - Caroline Fitzgerald; Spades - Julie Murphy; Ridge One - Tash Ugle; Ridge Two - Aileen Strahan; Workers One - Julie Rinder; Workers Two - Lynn Coles; Workers Three - Miranda Kelleher. 

A-grade singles Dot Colombera shield: Rose Bury; runner-up: Michele Bastow.

B-grade singles Vicki Lucy shield: Ruth Bebbington; runner-up: Taylah Holden.

Doubles winners: Katy Hyde and Shannette Jack; runners-up: Michele Bastow and Ruth Bebbington. 

Champion of Champions singles Jocelyn Beard shield: Caroline Fitzgerald. 

Champion of Champions doubles: Michele Bastow and Lisa Fitzgerald.