Hockey finals heating up

Good sportsmanship: Primary A joint fairest and best Hayden Fogarty and Tom Bell with Amanda Smith (centre). Photo: supplied.
Good sportsmanship: Primary A joint fairest and best Hayden Fogarty and Tom Bell with Amanda Smith (centre). Photo: supplied.

Men’s hockey

Monday night was the grand final for the Intermediate boys.

The Intermediate boys’ season was tight with any team being able to win on any given night.

In the end it was the minor premiers Mustangs who came away with the prize, in a tough battle fought right to the end.

Mustangs opened up the early 2-nil lead through hard running and effort in the midfield and some excellent finishing in the circle and looked to be doing it easy, until Centaurs seemed to find a bit extra and pushed hard to bring the score deficit back to one goal.

Centaurs kept the crowd on the edge of their seats until the final siren pilling more and more pressure on the Mustangs’ defenders, trying for that elusive game-tying goal.

But the Mustangs’ defenders and goalkeeper stayed strong to deny Centaurs any chance.

Mustangs ended up defeating Centaurs 2-1.

This was also the awards night for Primary A and Intermediates. 

Primary A:

Joint fairest & best - Hayden Fogarty and Tom Bell;

Runner-up F&B - Tyson Washer;

Grey Sharks most consistent - Jye Shepherdson;

Grey Sharks most improved - Logan Gregory;

Red Kangas MC - Samuel Newton;

Red Kangas MI - Cael Emmett;

Blue Tongues MC - Tyson Washer;

Blue Tongues MI - Regan Moloney.


F&B - Carson Dewar;

Runner-up F&B - Zac Pilatti;

Joint highest goal scorer - Reece Pilatti and Brady Becker;

F&B in the grand final - Zac Pilatti.



1pm Men’s prelim final Centaurs Green vs Patriots.



Patriots 9 – J. Ellery 2, B. Forrest, C. Michalak, K. Michalak, E. Williams, D. Saunders, B. Edwards, S. Edwards defeated Co-op; Best Patriots - K. Michalak, C. Michalak, D. Burek; Best Co-op - D. Leonard, J. Graham, R. Pilatti.

Mustangs 8 (4 Flicks) K. Marley 2, D. Marley 2, D. Cherry, P. Pelliciari, C. Mumme, M. Shepherd defeated Centaurs Green 7 (3 Flicks) - G. Shepherdson 3, G. Tomasini, J. Wilson, B. Guilfoyle, L. Sloan; Best Mustangs - B. Johnson, A. Seeber, J. Harms; Best Centaurs Green - G. Tomasini, J. Wilson, J. Loxton.

Intermediates grand final

Mustangs 2 - R. Pilatti, Z. Pilatti defeated Centaurs 1 - J. Bury; Best Mustangs - Z. Pilatti, M. Fleay, R. Pilatti; Best Centaurs - J. Pitchers, D. Stinton, T. Read-Wallis.

Women's hockey



6pm A2 Prelim final Rovers v Swans (Panel, Panel), TB (Rovers/Swans);

7.30pm A Prelim final Amaroo v Mustangs (Panel, Panel), TB (Amaroo/Mustangs).


South West League – Marist v Collie in Bunbury.


South West League

Collie 4 (A. Davidson, M. Crowe, T. Kirk, D. MacIntyre) d Towns 1; Best Collie: C. Jones, E. Antonovich, A. Davidson.

A-grade semi finals

Mustangs 3 (M. Craker 2, A. Barber) d Swans 0; Best Mustangs: Team effort; Best Swans: T. Read Wallis, A. Harrold, L. Massara.

Rovers 3 (B. Ramshaw, A. Davidson, L. Crowe) d Amaroo 2 (M. Crowe, J. Pilatti); Best Rovers: W. Marley, D. Pelliciari, B. Ramshaw; Best Amaroo: J. Pilatti, T. Kirk, N. Michalak.

A-reserve semi final

Mustangs 3 (S. Crellin 2, S. Mumme) d Rovers 2 (J. Blackford, S. Dewar); Best Mustangs: M. Foggarty, R. Pike, J. Lee; Best Rovers: C. Williams, N. Gasperi, C. Swan.

Intermediates preliminary final

Swans 2 (T. Emery, J. Woods) d Mustangs 1 (M. Craker); Best Swans: A. Harrold, T. Read Wallis, J. Woods; Best Mustangs: Team effort.