Throwback Thursday – the Collie Mail from January – February 1998 | Photos

It’s our favourite time of the week – a step back in time to reflect on the changes in our region, the faces and the fun that was being had during the summer months of January and February, 1998. 

There was a lot going on in the region at the time. 

The 100 year milestone of the arrival of the first train in town was celebrated. 

Local boys Leigh Cavanagh, Sonja Satie and Jonathan Spencer joined scouts across Australia in Brisbane for 10 days to make up part of the South West troop. 

Collie was also set to produce its first bottle of wine after it’s viticulture project was reported as a running success. 

Black Diamond was still a popular swimming hot spot, but there were concerns about people jumping off the cliffs into the water, as it was reported its depth varies from place to place.