Video: Group of tiger snakes shelter from East Coast winds

Bruce Press with a tiger snake.
Bruce Press with a tiger snake.

What do you call a group of snakes?

That was the question posed by a Tasmanian reptile rescuer who caught an unusual sight on camera this week.

The video posted to the Reptile Rescue Tasmania Facebook page showed a bundle of snakes in windswept East Coast scrub on Wednesday afternoon.

The tiger snakes, said Bruce Press of Reptile Rescue Tasmania, were coming out of the rabbit hole they had been brumating in nearby for some sun when they found strong winds as well.

Brumation is the hibernation-like state snakes enter during the colder months of the year.

“It was very windy here on the East Coast so they just hid from the wind,” he said.

According to Mr Press, the snakes would have grouped together to shield their eyes – which don’t have lids – from the drying effect of the wind, along with the dust, sand, and grit it can carry.

Mr Press said by posting the video he hoped to raise some awareness many snakes would be soon coming out of brumation.

However, in doing this, he also didn’t want to cause alarm.

Snakes often get a bad wrap that is undeserved, Mr Press said.

“Most people make up stories about snakes and it's just hard to get the truth out there.

“They were doing nobody any harm there.”