Letter to the editor: Aged care not all doom and gloom

Photo supplied.
Photo supplied.

Following recent television reports regarding aged care treatment facilities and the mistreatment of those who require care, I would like to oppose the views expressed in those programs with my current experiences with the Collie ValleyView facilities.

Recently, my mother required admission to an aged care facility to ensure her quality of life and access to the required care treatment was maintained.

The ValleyView staff maintained a caring, professional and loving approach throughout the entire process, assisting in the transition during a time in our family’s life which was difficult.

The news reports on the aged care industry were certainly distressing. Whilst this may be happening in other residential care facilities, I have not found this to be the case at ValleyView in Collie. The team should be proud of the services and treatment facility it offers.

Personally, I would like to thank the staff for providing more than care to my family and others. They provided love to those in a transition period of their lives and support to family members of loved ones in care.

With my deepest thanks and sincerity to the team of ValleyView Residence, I would like to extend my thanks.

Please keep up the hard and sometimes underappreciated work.

Halina Spice

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