Collie local Damian Harkins submits petition to the City of Bunbury regarding corella culls

A Collie man has taken a stand against the City of Bunbury’s plan to cull corellas. 

Damian Harkins presented a petition – featuring 213 signatures – to the city last month, calling for the city to find non-lethal solutions regarding the region’s corella populations. 

The campaigner said plastic combs/prongs could be placed on ledges to keep the birds away from buildings.

Mr Harkins said a trip to Bunbury inspired him to kick-start and continue his campaign. 

“I was at the yacht club there and I was really enjoying the corellas,” he said.

“I went back two or three times, and during the second time I went back someone told me the city would be culling them.

“I then went out and talked to people who were for or against the cull.” 

The journey has seen Mr Harkins collect signatures from people all over the South West.

“Some of the people I met were in shire buildings, I went everywhere and talked to everyone,” he said.

“The first signature I got was from a person in a shire building, so that was quite good.”

Mr Harkins thanked the City of Bunbury for accepting the petition. 

“I am all for working with the shires and government departments, I want to work with all of these people,” he said. 

“I am still not giving up, even though they are doing it. These are my favourite birds, all of the cockatoos and galahs.

“You can actually teach these birds where to go or not to go, they don’t have to be in the CBD.” 

An executive recommendation, presented on Tuesday, October 2, asked for the city to inform Mr Harkins of the broad range of options being used to handle the corellas. 

City of Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan acknowledged those expressing their views via the petition. 

“We always knew that culling the corellas wouldn’t be a 100 per cent popular decision,” he said.

“We also know the damage they cause and that they have been declared a nuisance.

“We are operating under licence from the State Government and the management program will continue as it has been, and that includes culling.” 

In April this year, the City of Bunbury passed a motion to begin the culling of 400 corellas within the 2018/19 financial year. 

The city has also planned to cull another 400 within the 2019/2020 financial year. 

This story Collie man fights Bunbury bird cull first appeared on Bunbury Mail.