Throwback Thursday – Photos from the Collie Mail in June 1996

It’s our favourite time of the week – a step back in time to reflect on the changes in our region, the faces and the fun that was being had during the month of June 1996. 

There was a lot going on around the Collie region at the time.

Then Housing Minister Graham Kierath caused a stir when, on his visit to Collie, he acknowledged the poor state of Collie’s public housing but said there was no waiting list and therefore no demand for more housing.

The comments enraged members of the community, with many people reporting there was demand as they had already been on a waiting list for months.

At the same time, a local drug action group was set up after a successful public meeting to help curb drug issues within the community.

The eastern side of town also dealt with a plague of rats invading their homes, with the rats believed to be emanating from the tip.

What do you remember about June 1996?

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