Great wins for both junior cricket teams

Team spirit: A happy Year 7 team after their impressive win at home over Dalyellup on the weekend. Photo: supplied.
Team spirit: A happy Year 7 team after their impressive win at home over Dalyellup on the weekend. Photo: supplied.

Year 7 cricket

Last Saturday Collie hosted Dalyellup at Roche Park on the turf wicket.

Collie’s captain, Isabella Dallywater lost the toss and was sent in to bat first. 

Opening batters, Isabella Dallywater and Lucas Worlley both started confident.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before Dallywater (0) was dismissed, followed soon by Worlley (9).

To the crease came Oliver McLean and Montana Dallywater.

The pair both batted well with the hope of putting on another impressive partnership.

Dallywater retired on 11 which saw Cruz McCagh join McLean.

Unfortunately, McCagh was dismissed on 0.

Dylan Rees joined McLean and managed to find the boundary with an impressive 4.

It wasn’t long before McLean retired on 19.

At innings break Collie were 3/60. 

Dalyellup came out swinging.

Tyson Washer and McCagh put on tight overs and managed to hold Dalyellup back from runs in the first two overs.

Third over in, McLean took Dalyellup’s first wicket.

Then the first ball of the fourth over saw Montana Dallywater break his wicket draught with a direct hit.

With two quick wickets, Collie were now full of energy and ready to continue their wicket haul.

It wasn’t until the 11th over that McLean claimed his second victim.

Drawing closer to the end of Dalyellup’s first innings both teams’ scores were close.

In the 15th over Blair Scott’s impressive accuracy took Dalyellup’s fourth wicket.

At half-time Dalyellup were 4/58. 

Collie knew they had to continue batting with strength if they wanted the win.

First over in saw a quick two wickets fall, Washer and Clarrie Boyle both 0.

Montana Dallywater returned after retiring to bat alongside Toby Hanns.

The pair batted well together and took Collie’s team score to 99 before Dallywater (23) was caught in slips.

McLean’s (19) return was short lived as in the next over he too was caught.

Rees (11 not out) and Hanns (12no) both batted out the overs taking Collie’s final score to 114. 

Isabella Dallywater opened the second innings of bowling for Collie.

Second over in saw Washer pull off a spectacular caught and bowled.

In the 22nd over Montana Dallywater took his total wicket haul for the day to three, bowling two wickets which only left Dalyellup with one wicket in hand.

The last ball of the next over saw McLean match his mate’s haul and take his third for the day.

Dalyellup were all out for 97.  

Bowling: C. McCagh 0/8, T. Washer 1/12, O. McLean 3/8, M. Dallywater 3/8, D. Rees 0/14, L. Worlley 0/10, B. Scott 1/13, T. Hanns 0/5 and I. Dallywater 0/17.

Year 9 cricket

Collie played Colts at Hay Park on December 1, winning the toss and batting first.

Robbie Chitty and Josh Elliott opened and Chitty was out early for 2.

When Elliott fell for 13 the score was 2/22.

Adam Worlley and Max Ireland put on a good partnership, adding 33 runs before Worlley was out for 18 and the score 3/55.

Jackson Broadbent joined Ireland for another 30-run partnership and Broadbent was next out for 25.

When Ireland fell for 26 the score was 5/102.

Judd Rinder was in next nervously searching for a few runs and did well scoring 11, before he was out and the score 6/119.

Jack Williams, who continues to improve, hung around while Blayden Coverley provided another good solid middle order innings.

Williams was retired on 3, then Liam Wilson was run out for 0 and the score 7/148.

Coverley batted well and scored 27 before he was out trying to keep the scoring going with a couple of overs to go.

Zak Reuben come in at the end and scored 7 not out, while young Heidi Ireland did a great job facing up in the last couple of overs.

Although Heidi didn’t get a run, she finished not out and did another great job.

Collie finished 8/158.

Rinder opened and bowled 4 overs 0/16, while Chitty bowled 3 overs 0/7 at the other end.

Liam Wilson (3 overs 1/17) got the first wicket caught by Worlley with the score 1/25.

Reuben got the next caught by Chitty then Coverley (3 overs 2/22) picked up the next 2 bowled and the score 4/74.

Josh Elliott (3 overs 1/20) picked up the next caught by Max Ireland, then Worlley (4 overs 1/3) got one bowled and it was 6/90.

Broadbent bowled 4 overs 0/2, then Max Ireland (3 overs 1/13) picked the next one up caught by Elliott.

Not to be outdone by big brother, Heidi Ireland got a wicket caught by Elliott and bowled 1 over 1/6.

Williams bowled 1 over 0/11, then Reuben was brought back with the game getting tight and picked up the last two wickets, one bowled and one caught by first time keeper Chitty.

Reuben finished with five overs 3/12 and Colts all out for 135.

Collie won by 23 runs.

C-grade cricket

Collie dropped to third position after another loss in round 9 over the weekend. 

Collie opened the batting but didn’t have an eventful day. 

There were only two outstanding batsman.  Ryan Chappell who hit four sixes but was dismissed on 53. The other was Billy Bebbington. 

The pair put on 79 runs together and when Chappell was dismissed Collie was 3/86.

Bebbington stayed around as other batters dropped, playing graceful shots until he was stumped on 35 and Collie was 6/121. 

Josh Fraser was the only other batsman to get into double figures with 13. 

Collie all out in the 30th over for 132.

Burekup dominated with the bat too, as their opener Quentin Baker knocked up 82 before being caught by Bebbington from Gagan Sidhu’s bowling. 

Dale Elvin took the other opener, Jeremy Barraclough, by bowling him. 

Burekup made the runs easy in the 14th over with only losing the two wickets.

Collie will take on Marist at Roche Park starting at 1pm next Saturday.