Blue Water Classic Reining Show

The Collie Western Riding Association had another successful weekend over November 24-25 with the two-day reining show held at the Wallsend Ground Western Arena in Collie.

The weather was extremely kind to us.

The judge, Debra Versluis, came from Victoria and was quite impressed with the quality of both the competitors and horses.

Debra is also a reiner and has been reining since 2002.

Debra started judging about seven years ago and is a worldwide judge.

Reining is a sport that Debra is passionate about and has competed successfully, winning numerous state and national titles.

We had 17 riders competing with approximately 36 runs per day.

Within the program there are opportunities for everyone and every horse.

Green riders, novice horses, Snaffle/Hackamore for horses under five years old and there is even a class for over 50s. It’s called Prime Time.

The canteen ladies worked their magic, once again, tirelessly providing the food and drinks throughout the weekend.

Thank you to everyone who supplied the lovely cakes and biscuits for the morning and afternoon teas.

To the volunteers who helped on the weekend and the weeks leading up to the show, mowing, watering and cleaning, thank you.

Without you the Collie Western Riding Association would not be able to provide these events that everyone enjoys so much.


Youth 14-18 years:

1st C. Harrison.

Green Rider Level 1:

1st N. Lindberg;

2nd R. Lockyer.

Green Rider Level 2:

1st L. Galliott;

2nd E. Gardner.

Novice Horse Open Level 1:

1st A. Lewis.

Novice Horse Non Pro Level 1:

1st C. Lane; 

2nd L. Compton.

Snaffle/Hackamore under 5 years:

1st H. Whiteaker.


1st K. Harrison;

2nd I. Smith.

Prime Time Non Pro:

1st L. Galliott;

2nd S. Tuia.

Rookie Level 1:

1st E. Gardner;

2nd L. Galliott.

Rookie Level 2:

1st L. Compton.

Limited Open:

1st I. Smith.

Rookie Pro:

1st I. Smith.

Limited Non Pro:

1st E. Gardner; 2nd C. Harrison; 3rd G. Woolaway.