Close finish in bowls

Championship pairs winners: Lead Rose Colgan, sponsor Emmily Wheeler and skip Vicki Daniel. Photo: Kerry Scott.

Championship pairs winners: Lead Rose Colgan, sponsor Emmily Wheeler and skip Vicki Daniel. Photo: Kerry Scott.

GLOBAL AUTO ELECTRICAL CHAMPIONSHIP PAIRS: The ladies completed their Global Auto Electrical Championship Pairs last week and it came down to the last game to see who won the Pairs for 2019.

The winners overall were Vicki Daniel as (skip) and Rose Colgan (lead). The runners-up were also decided on the last end between Karina Snow and Rose Godfrey and Kerry Scott and Judy Saunders.

TUESDAY PENNANTS LADIES – Jan 29: The ladies had a great win against Binningup on Tuesday last week. Collie 6 points 70 aggregate def Binningup 0 points 42 aggregate; H. Gibb, G. Kaurin, R. Colgan, B. Old won 24 to 15; L. Mitchell, K. Cluning, K. McElroy, E. Hindle won 24 to 9; K. Scott, K. Snow, J. Saunders, M. Taylor won 22 to 18.

TUESDAY PENNANTS MEN – Jan 29: Collie division 1 were home Dunsborough. Division 3 had the derby between White and Blue.

Division 1: Collie 4 points 45 aggregate def Dunsborough 0 points 31 aggregate; R. Guilfoyle, R. Garner, K. McKenzie, T. Uren won 21 to 14; J. Parker, J. McElroy, R. Ferris, L. McCamish won 24 to 17.

Division 3: Collie Blue 4 points 56 aggregate def Collie White 0 points 32 aggregate; T. Gale, V. Brojanowski, M. Miller, B. Mitchell won 34 to 13; H. Wiggers, P. Kaurin, J. Godfrey, N. Roberts won 22 to 19.

PINE HAULIERS MEAT PACK – Jan 30: For the Pine Hauliers event last Wednesday 24 players rolled for the meat pack in the afternoon. They played pairs and changed redrew the second game, so all players kept their scores going into the second game. Second and third were decided by percentage.

Winner: Les McCamish with 4 points plus 41; 2nd on countback: John Waywood with 4 points plus 36; Third: Ray Colgan 4 points plus 36.

GUPPY SMASH REPAIRS COMMUNITY BOWLS – Jan 29: The Community Bowls commenced on Wednesday night with a good roll up of former bowlers and new ones. It was great to see them on the green and having fun. There is still room for more teams if they wish to come along and play on Wednesday nights. The club supplies the bowls as long as you wear flat shoes. All who turned up had a great night with a lot of fun.

Winners: Bendigo Cash Cows who will have a 6 handicap; Second: Derby Road.

McCAFE SCROUNGERS – Feb 3: A good roll up of bowlers who took to the greens with very old bowls from way back as 1929 and some 1963 bowls. All had a few laughs and good fun. Rink winners were John Waywood, Glenice Kaurin, Jamie Godfrey, Barry Lowe, Ken Richards, Stan Wasielewski. The game will be on Sunday, February 10.

Winner: Ken Richards with a 12 handicap; 2nd: Barry Lowe; 3rd: Jamie Godfrey; Highest score: Jamie Godfrey and Barry Lowe; Consolation: Rose Godfrey.