Bowls round-up


The South Western Zone played in Albany last week and came away with the shield.

All zones were event going into the last round of the two days and the last game South Western came away with the win.

This is the third time in a row that the South Western have won the shield and the all stars was selected from this where our own Gary Keep was selected in the team. Well done Gary.


Ladies travelled to Eaton for their second division pennants and came away with the win on all greens. 

Collie 6 points 60 aggregate defeated Eaton 0 points 46 aggregate; H. Gibb, G. Kaurin, R. Colgan, B. Old won 17 to 13; L. Mitchell, K. Cluning, K. McElroy, E. Hindle won 18 to 16; K. Scott, K. Snow, J. Saunders, M. Taylor won 25 to 17.


Collie played Capel in the Men's Division 1 on Tuesday last week. Division 3 Collie Blue played Dunsborough and Collie White played Eaton.

Division 1: Collie 31/2 points 46 aggregate defeated Capel 1/2 point 29 aggregate; R. Guilfoyle, R. Garner, K. McKenzie, T. Uren drew 16 all; G. Keep, J. Parker, J. McElroy, R. Ferris won 30 to 13.

Division 3: Collie Blue 1 point 33 aggregate lost to Dunnsborough 3 points 37 aggregate; T. Gale, V. Brojanowski, M. Miller, B. Mitchell lost 11 to 20; H. Wiggers, P. DeBondi, P. Kaurin, C. Sanford 22 to 17; 

Collie White 0 points 27 aggregate lost to Eaton 4 points 63 aggregate; I. Corley, B. Lowe, I. Bushell, J. Stone lost 11 to 27; K. Richards, L. Flynn, J. Bell, G. Saggers lost 16 to 36.


The community bowls had a good night and all had to control their bowls because of the strong winds that were blowing and a few ditches into the bargain.

Four teams had a good night and they were Derby Road, Bendigo Cash Cows, Turf Burners, Stumpy Strikers.

Winners: Turf Burners who now have a 6 handicap; Second: Bendigo Cash Cows also on 6 handicap.

INTER LEAGUE ROUND ROBIN – Feb 7: The Inter League Round Robin for the ladies bowls was held at Pinjarra on Thursday last week. Teams from the Murray League, Leeuwin, Blackwood and the South West played four teams of fours over the two days and came away with the win.

Winners: South West; Second: Murray League; Third: Leeuwin; Fourth: Blackwood.


Division 1 travelled to Eaton; Division 2 played Bunbury.

Division 1: Collie 5 points 63 aggregate defeated Eaton 1 point 50 aggregate; G. Keep, G. Carter, R. Ferris, B. Butcher won 27 to 17; Ross White, A. Collins, G. Old, R. Garner won 19 to 13; T. Edwards, J. McElroy, Ron White, R. Colgan lost 19 to 20.

Division 2: Collie 4 points 63 aggregate defeated Bunbury 2 points 51 aggregate; K. McKenzie, J. Waywood, T. Welsh, L. Flynn won 35 to 8; R. Guilfoyle, S. Matthews, H. Wiggers, V. Brojanowski lost 12 to 22; M. Mellor, I. Corley, P. Kaurin, G. Saggers lost 16 to 21.


Another good field of bowlers played on February 10 and some close finishes on all rinks came down to handicaps. Rink winners to play in the semi finals were Peter Kaurin, Chris Sanford, Glenice Kaurin, Brian Bass, Lyn Mitchell, Vicki Daniel. We also held a consolation game and Barry Lowe won the game.

Grand final – Winner: Vicki Daniel with a 12 handicap; Second: Peter Kaurin; Third: Brian Bass; Highest score: Chris Sanford and Vicki Daniel; Consolation: Penny Valli.


The community bowls enjoyed a windy night last week where bowls did funny things on the green. Four teams had high scores and handled the conditions quiet well: Derby Road, Bendigo Cash Cows, Turf Burners and Stumpy Strikers.


The ladies are holding their Championship Triples this week and nominations need to go on the board please.


The men are holding their Championship Singles this weekend on Sunday; nominations on board by Friday. If you wish to play please get in early. ​