Collie women enjoy first win

The women's team celebrated on Sunday, April 7 as being the only team to bring home a win for the Collie Eagles in round one of the South West Football League. 

The play was quite tight between the Collie Eagles and the Eaton boomers for the first half of the game until the Eagles started to take the game away from the Boomers in the third quarter. 

Goals were kicked by the Eagles' Pauline Ugle, Brooklyn Nelson, Jonelle Blackford, Tahlia Dawson-Gibbs, and Maraea Te Wake. 

The Eagles won with a 7.2-44 to the Boomers 3.3-21. 

In the Colts game the Eagles got thrashed from the beginning and by half time they were at a disappointing score of 16 to the Boomers 94.

Goals were kicked by the Eagles' Christian Mears, Bailey Edwards, Kaleb Michalak, and Kellen Haven.

By the end of the game the Eagles had lost with a devastating 4.5-29 to 20.13-133.  

The Reserves had an equally devastating game.

The first quarter saw the Eagles start to fall behind, but it wasn't until the second quarter where the Boomers started to take the Eagles for a ride. 

By half time the Eagles were at a disappointing 3.3-21 to the Boomers 10.7-61. 

Zachary Faries, Ijah Coyle, and Matthew Burek were the only goal kickers of the day. 

The Eagles lost with a 3.4-22 to the Boomers 15.11-110. 

Collie will play South Bunbury in round two.