Decisive victory for Coasters

Scores: Check out the latest ladies darts results from April 2. Photo: Shutterstock.
Scores: Check out the latest ladies darts results from April 2. Photo: Shutterstock.

Results from April 2

Coasters defeated Power 9-2; Coasters highest peg Jo Rinder 70, highest score Wendy Rinder 120, highest average Tracy Della 41.6; Power highest peg Tracey Tierney 19, highest score Tracey Tierney 100, highest average Caroline Fitzgerald 41.23.

Federal def New Pines 8-3; Federal highest peg Irene Harnby 43, highest score Bron Bennett 118, highest average Irene Harnby 33.81; New Pines highest peg Selva Dutton 9, highest score Nat Sciesinski 120, highest average Nat Sciesinski 36.55.

Spades def Sheoaks 8-3; Spades highest peg Carol Bowen 18, highest score Tanya Jones 132, highest average Carol Bowen 32.83; Sheoaks highest peg Lisa Fitzgerald 16, highest score Michelle Kendall 125, highest average Michelle Kendall 31.28.

Workers One def Workers Three 7-4; Workers One highest peg Miranda Kelleher 52, highest score Miranda Kelleher 120, highest average Alicia Stallard 38.46; Workers Three highest peg Wendy Radford 38, highest score Lisa Carroll 100, highest average Lisa Carroll 36.58.

Loco's def Workers Two 6-5; Loco's highest peg Bianca Hart 66, highest score Michele Bastow 121, highest average Bianca Hart 40.59; Workers Two highest peg Gerry Barton 42, highest score Gerry Barton 134, highest average Gerry Barton 39.03.

Ridge One def Ridge Two 6-5; Ridge One highest peg Aileen Strahan 20, highest score Leonie Collett 120, highest average Leonie Collett 32.16; Ridge Two highest peg Chris West 6, highest score Jessie Simpson 88, highest average Glenda Gamble 31.67.