Weekly crime report: Man arrested, charged over spate of vehicle thefts

A Collie man has received three charges of stealing a motor vehicle, two of criminal damage/destruction of property, and one of failing to provide a sample of blood for analysis, following a spate of car thefts last week.

The 34-year-old stole an Isuzu truck along with a trailer - containing heavy machinery - from the McDonald's car park at 1.15pm on April 5.

The truck's owner got into another car before following the stolen vehicle down Collie-Preston Road.

The truck was later abandoned in McAlinden and found by police.

Later that day, the culprit stole a Mazda BT50 truck. The man used it to drive through multiple properties and fences. He later rolled and abandoned the truck.

The offender then stole a 25-tonne front-end loader at 8am on April 6.

Several members of the public made a citizen's arrest, before the man was apprehended by Collie and Williams Police.

The man was placed into custody after appearing in court on Sunday. He will return to court in June.

Collie Police Senior Sergeant Heath Soutar thanked the people involved for helping to apprehend the offender.

A laptop and digital tablet were stolen from a vehicle on Venn Street at 2am on April 3. The culprits also smashed one of the car's windows.

At 9pm on April 4, police responded to a crash on Mornington Road.

After the driver lost control, the vehicle rolled and ended up in nearby bushand.

The driver was taken to Collie Hospital for minor injuries. Inquiries are still continuing into the matter.

Police are reminding members of the public to remain vigilant and to drive safely.

Two women were involved in a shoplifting incident around 1.35pm on April 4.

The pair entered Red Dot, on Johnston St, and picked up $130 worth of beauty and toiletry products.

Despite being approached by staff, the two women left the store without paying.

CCTV footage was recovered, with police set to continue their investigations.

Police were called to a burglary in Bucktin St on April 5. The culprits removed a fly screen and broke a window.

After entering the premises, they then stole electronic equipment and cash.

Snr. Sgt. Soutar thanked all those whom provided assistance to two backpackers last month.

Following a theft on March 28, the community members recovered the stolen items before returning them to the backpackers.

"We'd like to thank the people involved for returning the items to the backpackers," Snr. Sgt. Soutar said.

"We value the public's input. Quite often, the public are our eyes on the street.

"Without the public's assistance, there wouldn't be any resolution to a lot of the crimes committed. We value the community and the public's help."

Collie police carried out 96 jobs over the past week and put seven people through lock-up. They also recorded eight family violence incidents.

Snr. Sgt. Soutar urged residents to protect their homes, to report suspicious behaviour to police, and to refrain from leaving keys and valuables inside vehicles.