Girls get their sticks ready

Women's and Junior Hockey


Saturday, April 27

  • 12 noon - A2 Swans v Amaroo (D. Shepherdson, W. Marley); tech bench (Swans, Amaroo)
  • 1.30pm - A2 Rovers v Mustangs (J. Crowe, C. Jones); tech bench (Rovers, Mustangs)
  • 3pm - A Rovers v Mustangs (J. Crowe, M. Pullan); tech bench (Rovers, Mustangs)
  • 4.30pm - A Swans v Amaroo (S. Mumme, S. Crowe); tech bench (Swans, Amaroo).

A reminder to all teams that you are required to supply one tech bench representative per game.

Games will not start until each team has a representative.

Teams are also required to supply two decent game balls to the tech bench before the game commences.

The team mentioned first should collect the game card from the club rooms.

Both teams are required to fill in the game card before the commencement of the game.

Names can be added to the game card after the commencement of the game but before the player takes the field.

After the completion of the game teams are reminded to check the game card before signing off.

Please choose best players for the paper.

C-grade teams and information


Coach: Whitney Marley.

Players: Sophie Clark, Lilly-Sue Rabaud, Tiana Catherwood, Layne Marley, Darci Newton, Lilly Smith, Marni Bercene, Bella Earl, Shelby Kohler, Ruby Clark, Lexus Hohepa and Alexandra Priest.


Coach: Casey Jones.

Players: Ngawini Emery, Milla Harker, Shamaya Michael (part-time goalie), Jaycee Coverley, Jasmine Mulreany, Lexee Swallow, Mereana Emery, Piper Harker, Faithe Johnson, Macqui Jones and Shakiah Michael.


Coach: Alyce McKeown.

Players: Taylor Carey, Emily Davenport, Amber Michael, Shyanne Schmitt (goalie), Gemma Buckle, Sophie Bury, Isobel Kippin, Willow Michael, Hailey Peck, Lilly Earl, Breeah Wilson and Sophia Michael.


Coaches: Simone Fraser/Jan Ramshaw.

Players: Jada Briggs, Makayla Hinsey, Ebony Thomson, Tilly Fraser, Gemma O'Brien, Bree Hinsey (part-time goalie), Alexis Pitchers, Stevi Townsend, Ava Williams, Abby O'Neill, Gabrielle Tilbrook and Isabel Van Aarde


Coach: Temily Cochrane.

Players: Charlie Cochrane, Kaitlin Davies, Brandy Morton, Olivia Mumme, Iesha Phillips, Sophie Stanley, Cindle Gray, Keeley Grimes, Cheyanne Harrington, Mercades Ingram (goalie) and Heidi Ireland.


Teams are subject to change.

Girls need to register before they can play.

Training will be all together on Thursdays from 4-5pm on the turf starting on May 2.

All girls are to wear a black skirt and black Collie socks.

Shirts will be supplied.

There is a $20 shirt hire fee, but $10 will be given back at the end of the season when the shirt is returned.

The first games of the season will be played on May 4.


Saturday, May 4

  • 8.45am C-grade Onyx v Diamonds (tech bench S. Crowe)
  • 9.45am C-grade Opals v Sapphires (tech bench W. Marley)
  • 10.45am C-grade Rubies v Diamonds (tech bench C. Green).