Hockey fixtures and news

Read more: The round's full list of results can be found on our website at Photo: Shutterstock.

Read more: The round's full list of results can be found on our website at Photo: Shutterstock.

WOMEN'S - May 18: 9.30am C Rubies v Onyx (M. Del Fante, S. Burnett), TB (S. Crowe); 10.30am C Opals v Diamonds (R. Moloney, J. Marley), TB (C. Green); 12 noon A Mustangs v Rovers (J. Crowe, M. Pullan), TB (Mustangs/Rovers); 1.30pm A Amaroo v Swans (W. Marley, D. Shepherdson), TB (Amaroo/Swans); 3pm A2 Amaroo v Swans (S. Crowe, S. Michalak), TB (Amaroo/Swans); 4.30pm A2 Mustangs v Rovers (N. Michalak, D. MacIntyre), TB (Mustangs/Rovers).

FIXTURES - May 21 - 3.30-4pm Mini Pre-Primary and Y1 (K. Tilbrook, W. Greenmount, D. Pesci, K. Pinneri); 4-4.45pm Mini Y2/3 (K. Tilbrook, W. Greenmount, D. Pesci, K. Pinneri); 5pm Int Mustangs v Amaroo (S. Dewar, E. Dewar), tech bench (Mustangs/Amaroo); 6.15pm Int Rovers v Swans (A. Johnson, J. Pilatti), tech bench (Rovers/Swans).

RESULTS - A-grade: Rovers 1 (D. Hunter) drew Amaroo 1 (J. Pilatti); Best Rovers: P. Marley, A. Davidson, H. Swan; Best Amaroo: M. Pullan, C. Jones, C. Townsend. Swans 4 (R. Swallow 2, D. MacIntyre, K. Tilbrook) d Mustangs 1 (M. Faries); Best Swans: J. MacIntyre, R. Swallow, L. Massara; Best Mustangs: M. Fleay, K. Burek, M. Faries. A-reserve: Rovers 4 (Z. Bury 3, C. Swan) d Amaroo 2 (C. Rakich, N. Michalak); Best Rovers: Z. Bury, C. Swan, N. Gasperi; Best Amaroo: S. Long, S. Schmitt, C. Townsend. Mustangs 0 drew Swans 0; Best Mustangs: M. Head, C. Bishop, C. Sanford; Best Swans: K. Emery, K. Davies, C. Lee.

Bunbury Carnival - On June 1-3. Calling for expressions of interest from coaches, managers and umpires for 9/10, 7/8 and 4/5/6 teams. Player nominations are due May 18 with money, but let Whitney Marley know asap if you are nominating or interested in a position on 0422 883 984. Training is May 19, 4-5pm for all grades at the Collie hockey grounds.

MEN'S HOCKEY - A full strength Co-op side had a great game against Centaurs Green. With both Benson and Cassady Sanford alongside Jamie Graham, Co-op had attacking threats all over the ground. Centaurs battled hard with veteran Paul Aramini defending well from midfield. Jake Pitchers and Jake Loxton took the attack back to Co-op and the game ended up 3-3 in an entertaining affair.

The second game was between two teams who were yet to win. Patriots showed why they won the competition last year and flexed their muscles against Centaurs Red, who were a few players short. Despite Centaurs best efforts, Patriots took the win with an emphatic 7-3 scoreline.

The juniors competition kicked off on Monday night with the Primary A and Intermediates competitions kicking off. There was some quality hockey played by the juniors.

Primary A: Game 1: Red Kangas 5 def Grey Sharks 1; Goal scorers - Kangas: Jett Pike, Clay Gasperi, Tyson Washer, Branden Wood, Hayden Fogarty; Grey Sharks: Corbin Marley; Best players - Kangas: Corbin Marley, Regan Moloney, CJ Carroll; Grey Sharks: Jett Pike, Tyson Washer, Clay Gasperi.

Game 2: Blue Tongue Lizards 3 def Grey Sharks 1; Goal scorers - Blue Tongues: Ty Sloan, Dane Becker, Tyson Washer; Grey Sharks: Max Earl; Best players - Blue Tongues: Hayden Fogarty, Cael Emmett, Dane Becker; Grey Sharks: Ethan Michalak, Corbin Marley, Max Earl.

Intermediates: Game 1: Centaurs 4 def Mustangs 0; Goal scorers: Jake Pitchers 2, Billy Bebbington, Jade Read-Wallis; Best Mustangs: Brook Bentley, Flynn Williams, Ethan Michalak; Best Centaurs: Darcy Stinton, Jake Pitchers, Ty Sloan.

Game 2: Centaurs 2 def Co-op 0; Goal scorers: Jake Pitchers, Jade Read-Wallis; Best Co-op: CJ Carrol, Belle Ramshaw, Reece Pilatti; Best Centaurs: Tara Read-Wallis, Billy Bebbington, Jake Pitchers.

FIXTURES - Men's: Saturday, May 18 - 6pm Co-op vs Centaurs Red; 7.30pm Mustangs vs Centaurs Green.

Intermediates: Monday, May 20 - Patriots to umpire; 6pm Co-op vs Mustangs; 7pm Mustangs vs Centaurs Green.