Big weekend ahead in hockey

Photo: Shutterstock.

Photo: Shutterstock.

Games scheduled for Saturday, May 25:

9.30am C Opals v Rubies (M Williams, C Crowe) Tech Bench (S Pike)

10.30am C Diamonds v Onyx (A Harrold, J Davies) Tech Bench (S Pike)

3.00pm A Amaroo v Mustangs (S Crowe, S Dewar) Tech Bench (Amaroo/Mustangs)

4.30pm A Swans v Rovers (S Mumme, C Jones) Tech Bench (Swans/Rovers)

6.00pm A2 Amaroo v Mustangs (N Gasperi, D MacIntyre) Tech Bench (Amaroo/Mustangs)

7.30pm A2 Swans v Rovers (J Crowe, S Michalak) Tech Bench (Swans/Rovers)

Games scheduled for Tuesday, May 28:

3.30pm to 4.00pm Mini Pre Primary and Year One (E Swan, J Lee, G Skoda, M Johnson)

4.00pm to 4.45pm Mini Year Two and Year Three (E Swan, J Lee, G Skoda, M Johnson)

5.00pm Int Rovers v Amaroo (S Crellin, J Woods) Tech Bench (Rovers/Amaroo)

6.15pm Int Mustangs v Swans (D Dye, M Pullan) Tech Bench (Mustangs/Swans)

Women's results

A Grade:

Rovers 7 (L Crowe 3, D Cockram 2, D Hunter, W Marley) d Mustangs 1 (M Craker)

Best Rovers: L Crowe, A Davidson, I Williams

Best Mustangs: J Lee, D Shepherdson, C O'Brien

Amaroo 2 (J Pilatti, L Ellery) d Swans 0

Best Amaroo: F Tomasini, T Read Wallis, S Morton

Best Swans: J MacIntyre, L Massara, D MacIntyre

A Reserve:

Amaroo 1 (S Seeber) drew Swans 1 (W Old)

Best Amaroo: E Varis, C Townsend, S Seeber

Best Swans: R Clark, J Davidson, C Green

Rovers 3 (T McDonald 2, C Swan) d Mustangs 0

Best Rovers: C Swan, D Dye, T Briggs

Best Mustangs: S Crellin, M Head, M Blurton


Swans 3 (J Davies 2, R Fraser) d Amaroo 1 (J Read Wallis)

Best Swans: K Emery, J Davies, C Lee

Best Amaroo: C Townsend, J Read Wallis, B Pike

Rovers 9 (L Crowe 3, B Ramshaw 2, M Becker 2, P Marley, J Briggs) d Mustangs 0

Best Rovers: B Ramshaw, L Crowe, S Coverley

Best Mustangs: T Mumme, M Fleay, J Bock

C Grade:

Rubies 3 (K Davies 2, O Mumme) d Onyx 0

Best Rubies: K Davies, S Stanley, C Cochrane

Best Onyx: J Coverley, F Johnson, M Harker

Diamonds 2 (S Clark, L Smith) d Opals 1 (E Davenport)

Best Dimaonds: M Hinsey, L Rabaud, T Carey

Best Opals: L Earl, G Buckle, J Briggs

A round of one-sided scores and short numbers was the case for men's hockey on the weekend.

Men's results

Co-op beat a nine-man Centaurs Red team 5-0.

Gareth Old was deadly from short corners with 3 goals, while Benson Sanford and Liam Carlton created chances from midfield.

Centaurs Red battled hard with Jye Johnson, Brent Guilfoyle and Brenton Ingram putting in a shift in the midfield. Local legend Maro Crescenzi came close to grabbing a goal but the Co-op veterans at the back, in Gary Faries, Ash Rosemeyer and Toby Ramshaw, managed to keep a clean sheet.

The second game saw Centaurs Green play a nine-man Mustangs team.

Mustangs started strong in the first 15 minutes, with Dave O'Brien and Dane Marley creating some chances.

But, as their legs began to tire, Centaurs Gareth Shepherdson and Jake Pitchers began to turn the tide.

Centaurs went into the break 2-0 up. The second half went much the same as the first, with Brock Johnson and Kyle Marley providing plenty of grunt in midfield. But, as the legs ran out with only nine men, Centaurs got on top and scored three goals through some good work from Jake Loxton and Nathan Macintyre that ensured Centaurs Green kept a clean sheet and ran out 5-0 winners.

Fixtures: Saturday, May 25.

12.00pm Co-op vs Mustangs, 1.30pm Patriots vs Centaurs Green.

Intermediates: Monday, May 27 - Co-op to umpire

6.00pm Co-op vs Centaurs, 7.00pm Co-op vs Mustangs.

Primary A: 4.15pm Blue Tongues vs Red Kangas, 5.00pm Blue Tongues vs Grey Sharks.