2019 Truffle Kerfuffle beer and spirit masterclasses

Jarrah Jacks beer tasting. Photo by Truffle Kerfuffle/Dianne Bortoletto.
Jarrah Jacks beer tasting. Photo by Truffle Kerfuffle/Dianne Bortoletto.

Five new beer and spirit masterclasses will feature in the jam-packed program for this year's Winning Appliances & Asko Truffle Kerfuffle.

Held on Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23, the interactive masterclasses will showcase how to perfectly pair delicious local beers with artisanal cheeses, beer with chocolate or whisky with cured meats, as well as experience the unique and interesting flavours of rum and learn about the art of making award-winning gin.

The beer and spirit masterclasses will be held at the Jarrah Jacks Bar, a new watering hole at the Truffle Kerfuffle Festival Village at Fonty's Pool.

Jarrah Jacks director Jess Mitchell said they were really excited to be involved in an event that shined a light on the local Southern Forests produce and the region as a whole.

"Besides our regular craft beers, we will have our seasonal Cherry Ale brew made with local cherries that were hand pitted - that was quite a job," she said.

"It has interesting fruity limey notes, a cherry aroma and aftertaste, a creamy mouthfeel and just a hint of sweetness, it is really interesting."

Ms Mitchell said that just 500 bottles of Cherry Ale were made which would be on sale at the Jarrah Jacks Bar and it would also be available via keg by the glass.

"People usually associate cheese with wine, but we will be showing how beautiful cheese, and we are using the locally made artisan Cambray cheese, which complements our hand crafted beers," she said.

"Also, chocolate and beer is a surprisingly good match and we are excited about this pairing of malt-driven beer and chocolate by the master Sue Lewis."

The Cold Brews and Chocolate Treats presented by Jarrah Jacks is supported by Sue Lewis Chocolatier.

The Jarrah Jacks Bar will feature craft beer, local Southern Forest wines and cocktails created by Long Chim award-winning bartender Dean Buchanan, who will also lead the Rum and Spice Sensory Session.

"We'll be serving a truffle-infused old fashioned style drink with wattle seed and a few other surprises."

The Giniversity Botanical and Spritz Garden will include the distillery's new gin along with Giniversity's Botanical, London Dry, and Barrel Aged Gins.

Giniversity and Limeburners Distiller Katie Lovis said that participants will be able to construct something unique and exciting to match their individual palate.

"Our Truffle Kerfuffle masterclasses gives participants the chance to discover different botanicals, the styles of gin they enjoy the most, and how to match garnishes and tonics to truly customise their G&T."

Tickets to Truffle Kerfuffle held at Fonty's Pool in Manjimup are on sale now at trufflekerfuffle.com.au.

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