The balancing act you'll happily display at home

Coco Republic's new series of sculptures hit stores next month, a commanding collection of pieces aptly called Life's Balance.

Designed by Coco Republic's creative director and co-owner Anthony Spon-Smith, the pieces represent the challenge of balancing our lives in today's modern era. The geometric shapes are made from timber and brass, adding character to any living space.

"I designed this collection of Sculptures to add character to living spaces and create an impact,' said Anthony. "They communicate through the artistic form of sculpture that happiness in life comes from accepting that aesthetic beauty arises from everyday moments that come in different shapes and forms."

The Life's Balance sculptures range in height from nearly two metres to just under two and a half metres tall, and are made from timbers such as solid suar, mahogany or American oak. The brass sculptures are hallowed with a weighted base and either polished, tarnished or blackened and suitable for outdoor use.

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