Horoscopes week beginning August 4

Horoscopes week beginning August 4

ARIES: Massive changes are sweeping through your life during the next four months as a result of trends that started during February to July 2018. These are focussed on your career and position within society, so you may have felt a little lost as you searched for your direction. Everything starts falling into place now and the path is set.

TAURUS: February to July 2018 began an eighteen-month cycle of development where your education is concerned. Also potentially affected where legal issues, travel arrangements and publishing matters. December, January once again raised such issues, which are set to take their final form during the coming four months.

GEMINI: The rundown to October 3 and the two months beyond highlight the final stages of a financial or health matter that has been eighteen months in the making. The process has been all about gaining control over important facets that became operational during February to July 2018 and that were active again during December and January.

CANCER: The intensity of a love relationship reached new depths during October 3 2018 and last December-January. The nature of this relationship is forcing you along particular paths of action which you wouldn't ordinarily take because your individuality is curtailed. The next four months brings this sequence to a conclusion.

LEO: There's something about your sphere of work or health that's changing throughout an eighteen-month sequence, beginning early 2018. The next steps were taken around Christmas and New Year, with the final stages looming during the next four months. Greater control is being exercised so you'll fit into this new place in space.

VIRGO: The transformative trends operational during the coming four months had their foundations during February to July 2018, and are focussed on a romance or child. The intensity of the situation developed more fully during December and January and now aspects of your life and personality are shaped into more desirable form.

LIBRA: The beginning of 2018 introduced profound changes into your family life that spanned the ensuing six months, as well as December 2018 and January - August 30. During the next four months the realities of this situation become entrenched as you inevitably move in a new direction, having to let go of aspects of your past.

SCORPIO: Scorpio's plans have been a long time in the making and now that they are up and running, you are ready to ride with the changes ahead. The next four months sees you capitalising on these plans which were first established during early 2018 and then took off late in 2018. Your mind is being shaped by new information and situations.

SAGITTARIUS: The potential for troublesome financial matters first became evident to Sagittarius during February to July 2018, forcing a reassessment of their personal situation. New paths are in the process of being determined, with the nature of these being played out more fully during the next four months, following further stimulation last Christmas and New Year.

CAPRICORN: Your ambitions are in a constant state of evolution these days, as is your circle of friends. The process with which you are currently concerned began eighteen months ago, surged again last Christmas, and is metamorphosing again. During the next four months you'll be actively involved in this positive, cleansing experience.

AQUARIUS: 2018 was quite a struggle in many ways, especially during the first six months and recently in December and January. During this time, you were struggling to gain control over a difficult situation related to career, health or life choices. The next four months will see you eliminate many problems as the result of past efforts.

PISCES: The four months centring on October 3 brings a tremendous amount of success your way, via a legal, publishing, educational or foreign path. There have been many experiences gained and insights achieved around these matters during January to July 2018, as well as December, January: such comes into full play now.

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