Collie digs deep for friend

No matter how big or how small, the Collie community has exemplified the theme of mates helping out one of their own, as it comes together to raise money to help a friend in need.

Earlier this year, Collie Senior High School captain and local sports star Liam Shepherd found himself in hospital after a vehicle accident outside of town.

Colourful Collie: Year seven students showing off their wacky socks last week. Photo: Collie Senior High School.

Colourful Collie: Year seven students showing off their wacky socks last week. Photo: Collie Senior High School.

Upon hearing the news, friends, family, loved ones and the odd stranger banded together and dug deep into their pockets to raise money for him and his family, in an effort to make the healing process a little less stressful.

Starting less than a month ago with a GoFundMe page that had a goal of raising $2,000, the project grew quickly and had passed the $14,000 mark at the time of print.

Collie Senior High School, in partnership with the Collie-Cardiff RSL and the surrounding primary schools, raised more than $2300 through a wacky sock day and a Saturday night curry fest, while local businesses banded together to raise more than $1700 in a raffle led by Jan Gillard.

Collie SHS principal Dale Miller said she was proud of her students, explaining to the Collie Mail it was Liam's fellow school captains who approached her with the idea because they were determined to not sit around and do nothing.

"It's been very inspiring for myself and the staff to see the students get so involved to help their friend," she said.

"Our school community has always cared for those in need, but having the fundraising being driven by the younger students has been very powerful for the whole student body.

"The idea came from the students.

"They came to me not asking, but telling, me they needed to do something to help, and [they] drove the theme because of Liam's love for fun and wacky socks."

Ms Miller said the idea started as a high school initiative, but grew as she contacted her fellow principals and the RSL came on board.

"It grew from the kids working with each other," she said.

"The spirit of the Anzac is to help a mate in need and that's exactly what they've done."

Ms Miller encouraged the students and community to remain positive and hopeful for Liam's speedy recovery and return to Collie.

This Friday, Dominos Pizza will also do their part for Liam and hold a dough-raiser by donating $2 from every pizza sold between 11am and 11pm.

Domino's Collie franchisee Zen Frost said it was important to the organisation to help the family because Liam was much loved by staff at the pizzeria.

For more information on how to support the Shepherd family visit