Griffin takes athletics win

For the first time in memory, the golden Griffins reigned supreme at the Collie Senior High School 2019 Interhouse Athletics Carnival.

In a close competition of relay races, high jump, shot put and more, Griffin took out the title with 1603 points, beating reigning champions Phoenix, which ended the day on not far behind on 1520 points.

Wellington came in third with 1506 points, followed by Muja on 1214 points.

Sports teacher Jovan Duricic praised the students for their efforts and positive attitudes on the day.

"It was a really fantastic result for the day and quite eventful," he said.

"This year's group of Year Sevens are really keen and put on a tough competition."

Only 1.5 points separated the Year Seven champion and runner up girls, with An-ne Pelser taking the top gong, on 55 points, and Lola Henderson taking the runner up spot with a total of 53.5 points.

The Year Seven students also broke 13 event records of the 15 broken during the day, one of which was set in 1982.

Grace Sheppard and Jack Rinder, of Phoenix, took out the upper school champion positions, while Melanie Cracker, of Griffin, and Dylan Benton, of Wellington, took out the upper school runner up positions.

Griffin captain Michael Becker said the day's events were not only a chance to blow off steam, but allowed non-academic oriented students to shine.

"I'm more of a sporty person myself, rather than a book person, and I know others are like me, so this day was ours," he said.

"It was really a great day and I think Griffin finally winning shows the younger students that we can be great and beat Phoenix if we try hard enough.

"Especially seeing how well the Year Sevens went, I think everyone will be seeing Griffin win more and more in our school competitions."

All champion award winners:

  • Year 7 boy champion: Max Ireland
  • Year 7 boy runner up: Tom Bell
  • Year 8 girl champion: Olivia Earnshaw
  • Year 8 girl runner up: Isabelle Peden
  • Year 8 boy champion: Izaya Jeanes
  • Year 8 boy runner up: Earl Madridenos
  • Year 9 girl champion: Payton Marley
  • Year 9 girl runner up: Keeley Collier
  • Year 9 boy champion: Sheymus Carter
  • Year 9 boy runner up: Reece Pilatti
  • Year 10 girl champion: Jaide Read-Wallis
  • Year 10 girl runner up: Kianah Emery
  • Year 10 boy champion: Jasyn Roney
  • Year 10 boy runner up: Zac Pilatti