Two juvenilles charged

The Collie community has assisted police in apprehending two juveniles who were on motorbikes during the week.

Police seized two motorbikes and charged two juveniles with driving unregistered vehicles without a license last Friday evening.

Acting senior sergeant Terry Townsend thanked the community for their assistance in helping them track the movements of the young riders.

"Over the couple of days before (the seizure) we had a huge number of members of the public comment about the bikes riding around the community at all hours and had members actually call into the station as well as post on social media," he said.

"While the bikes weren't stolen they were seized because legislation allows police to confiscate motorcycles on the road in circumstances they shouldn't be.

"So it was good of the public to get on board to let us know when they'd seen the individuals and allow us to stop it from happening."

The two motorbikes were unregistered off road bikes being ridden on public roads and the two juveniles were allegedly driving without a license. According to community social media posts the two juveniles had been allegedly riding the two bikes throughout Collie and Allanson a number of days before they were seized. One of the bikes has been confiscated and set for sale at auction while the other bike is waiting for the owner to fill out a return application.

"There are a lot of areas open to motorcycle riding and used by the public, however it is confined to private property which means a bike has to be towed there on a trailer, not driven," Sgnt Townsend said.

"The issue comes in when these bikes are being ridden on public roads and the safety of the community is at risk."