Collie police assaulted

Members of the Collie police station have been put on light duties after facing a violent community member last week.

Three officers responded to a call on Wednesday October 9, of a male allegedly abusing a dog and yelling at shoppers in the Woolworths car park.

It is alleged the 18-year-old Mandurah resident began yelling at the officers when they attended the scene where they attempted to place him under arrest.

The male allegedly assaulted one of the officers, taking him to the ground and punching him multiple times and needed to be wrestled and tasered before he was able to be handcuffed.

The officer received swelling and bruising to the face as well as two broken ribs while another officer was bitten on the hand, breaking the skin and drawing blood.

Acting senior sergeant Terry Townsend said while the result was a win for the community, it was disappointing to see an officer assaulted while on duty.

"It's not something your average person generally expects, to be assaulted at work which ends in injuries, but unfortunately it is a common occurrence for police officers," he said.

"It's a pretty disappointing aspect of what we do when our goal is always to help the public."

The male was arrested and charged with two counts of assaulting a police officer.

One charge has the potential to be upgraded which could carry a mandatory jail sentence if found guilty.

Despite the violent nature of the incident and local officers refusing bail on him, the man appeared in court and was subsequently released on bail with the condition not to return to Collie while awaiting a court appearance later in November.

The dog was seen by rangers and appears to not have suffered any injuries.