Collie fees drop for SWFL

Collie Eagles.
Collie Eagles.

The South West Football League will save more then $3,000 this year after the Shire of Collie amended its fees structure for the Collie Recreation Ground.

Historically, the shire has charged the league for every game played at the Collie Recreational Ground at a rate of $155 per game.

However the South West Football League will now be charged only $161 per day for the use of the grounds after a unanimous vote by council at the October council meeting.

The item came to council chambers after the South West Football League expressed concerns after receiving a $4,650 invoice for the 30 game season by the Shire of Collie.

South West Football League general manager Simone Nani said the concerns were raised after noticing the vast difference between Shire of Collie fees compared to surrounding shires.

"When we received it we were concerned that it might have been an error because it was really quite different from other Shire's around, so we simply enquired about it not expecting a complete structure change," she said.

"If the invoice price was the case, we would have had to look at whether we would have been able to continue to play at the football grounds in the Shire.

"We're glad we have been able to work with the Shire and find a solution."

In 2018 the South West Football League played 34 games at the Collie Football Ground, while 2019 saw 30 games played on the field.

The new fee structure will see the $4,650 invoice drop to $1,499 for the 2019 season meaning a reduction in revenue for the shire of $3,151.

The Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup fees for South West Football League are $1,390 while the Shire of Dardanup charge $1,230 for the season.

The decision was made in line with the Shire of Collie's key objective in it's Corporate Business Plan in the first council meeting of the new set of councillors following the 2019 Local Government Election.

According to the plan, the reduction is line line with it's objective to provide corporate financial services that support the shire's operations and meeting planning, reporting and accountability requirements.

Collie Football Club were knocked out of the league season early on in the 2019 season with the league team unable to make the final rounds while the reserve team were knocked out in the first round of finals.