Opinion: Fairfax disappointment

It is with dismay that I read about the Collie Office Changes in the paper on November 21. Interesting that it only generated Editorial comment not a story that other business's changes have.

In my opinion Fairfax Media are one of the businesses that have let Collie down by steadily withdrawing services and staff from our town. It was not all that long ago that up to 17 regional papers were collated, proofed and printed in Collie. I would guess that there was over 30 staff needed to do this work. Sure times have changed and things are done differently in every business but we need to also acknowledge that Fairfax Media have moved their operations elsewhere.

I wish the remaining staff long term job security, but am not hopeful of that given the past performance of the bosses. It is a shame that we don't have a local Editor any more and Collie is a training ground for young journalists from out of town who aren't connected to the Community and miss so many opportunities for a story.( no reflection on them, just the system they work with) I recently rang the local number and it was answered by someone in Katherine!! Who was polite but could not help me and said they would organise for someone to return my call from Collie. What a sad situation to have for a ' local' business.

If the value of the Collie Mail is such that you move your operations out of town, reduce staff numbers to 10 per cent and close your office, then maybe it is time to hand the paper back to the Community.

Neil Martin